TODAY   |  February 12, 2014

Shaun White shares moment with 10-year-old fan

Ben Hughes was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago. He’s now cancer free, and says watching snowboarder White helped him get through his illness. He was flown to the Olympics by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and got to meet his hero, who leapt over the barrier to greet him.

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>> night for a really special boy.

>> i was going to say, he has at least one super fan right there. 10-year-old ben hughes, diagnosed with leukemia four years ago. he's now cancer-free after years of treatment.

>> so on tuesday, ben got to see his hero in action here in sochi thanks to make a wish. shaun even jumped over the barrier to greet ben after the qualifying round. ben 's here along with his parents and his brother will. hi, guys. and he jumped over the barrier and came right over to say hi to you. what was that like?

>> oh, it was awesome. i can't believe it.

>> what did you say to him?

>> i just said hi.

>> and shaun white 's been your favorite for a really long time, right?

>> yeah.

>> it wasn't expected you'd get to meet him. you were just there to cheer him on.

>> yeah. we got there very early. we had a good spot near the press. and he just happened to be very close and someone mentioned ben wanted to meet him. and he hopped right over the fence .

>> that's so great. will, did you get to meet him also?

>> no.

>> next time.

>> ben met him.

>> you were in the seats? okay. next time. good to have you guys.

>> so happy for you guys. thanks for being here. we're back with a lot more of "today" after your local news and weather.

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