TODAY   |  February 12, 2014

Matt and Al take a bath, Russian-style

Matt Lauer and Al Roker go on an Olympic bathhouse adventure, where they get massages that included what Matt calls “recreational spanking” with branches, and an outdoor hot-water bath. “This is like the second-to-last scene in a cannibal movie,” Matt jokes.

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>>> let's take a turn to our return to the luge final countdown .

>> oh.

>> al and i have been made to suffer over the years squeezing ourselves into many, many costumes. al liked it, actually.

>> i did.

>> i'm still recovering from the spandex during wrestling in london.

>> this time we decided no costumes. that's right. of course, you might want to keep the kids away, put the dog away in the closet because matt and i learned to relax like olympians russian bathhouse style.

>> oh.

>> al, we've partied like olympians , we've had swagger like olympians .

>> i think it's time to relax, chill out like an olympian.

>> can we come in? here we go. now i'm a little nervous.

>> could've done without the hats.

>> yeah. but take a look at this view.

>> we've stalled as long as we can stall.

>> here we go.

>> in here?

>> do you have like three hands? feels like there's more than two things going on right now?

>> what did i do to you?

>> that tingles. ow.

>> hey, al?

>> yeah?

>> i'm not sure how much more of the recreational spanking i can take, what do you say we go for a soak?

>> yeah.

>> here we go.

>> it can't be any worse than this.

>> oh, nobody told me about that! oh, where did that come from? oh.

>> this is like the second to last scene in the cannibal movie . so now we know how to relax like olympians .

>> yeah. by making matt and al soup.

>> all we needed was wylee. coyotes.

>> it was fun at the time. afterward, it left a little bit of mark on my back.

>> recreational spanking.

>> felt like hazing.

>> yeah. it did.

>> what were the hats all about?

>> cool, right? look.

>> it would look really good on a house plant , perhaps.

>> right.

>> we can't let you have all the fun. tomorrow, we're going to find out how to be olympic speed skating cheerleaders.

>> really?

>> really.

>> how dare you.

>> where are your outfits?

>> just wait.