TODAY   |  February 12, 2014

Al learns how to say ‘that’s cool’ in Russian

In the latest installment of Al Roker’s language lesson, Olympic snowboarders join Roker in learning how to say “that’s cool” and “darn” in Russian.

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now time for al's russian class. that's right, ladies and gentlemen , the time when we teach you russian you'll use in your everyday life . u.s. snowboarders, good to see you.

>> nice to see you.

>> thanks so much. are you all ready to learn?

>> yeah.

>> okay. so when you guys do something cool, what do you snowboarders normally say when something's kind of cool.

>> just like everybody else, awesome.

>> all right. so the saying in russian, but what snowboarder slang for darn or ah shucks when something goes wrong.

>> well, we shouldn't say it. i don't think you can say it on tv.

>> no, you can't say it on tv. but i can tell you in russian what you can say. you can say yokie pokie. that's right. don't you feel better now? any time there's something that goes wrong, what will you say?

>> yokie pokie.

>> there you go. thank you so much. thank you, ladies and gentlemen . and that's al's russian class for this morning. yokie pokie.