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TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

5 eco-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Lifestyle expert Danny Seo explains how you can make a heart piñata, glittery grapevines and a love wreath using items you have around your home.

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>>> just three days away. if you haven't raided your local drugstore for last minute cards or candy, we've got something easier but not much. lighten up in the heart for valentine's day people and make your own crafts and gifts with things you have around the house. that always makes me nervous. lifestyle expert and olympian dancy.

>> danny , i know you love kathryn but --

>> i love her but this is for you.

>> you got to get behind colin farrell today, baby.

>> what do we have here?

>> old crayons. make faux crayon chocolates. you put them in 350 degrees. when they come out, you get crayons and fill an old chocolate box .

>> then what do you do? color?

>> draw with them.

>> adults i know but children would adore them.

>> come on, good fun.

>> thank you, danny .

>> who is more romantic than you, baby?

>> nobody.

>> so, great after you eat the grapes. what you want to do this is a great glitter arrangement. the secret is to take a bag. spray adhesive on the inside. you dump the glitter inside. instead of trying to put it on, you shake, shake, share look what you got.

>> that would be a sparkle as a garny around something.

>> yeah.

>> you punch out paper hearts . it's a simple little project.

>> execute.

>> it's one minute you can do it.

>> okay.

>> we're going to craft together.

>> i'm getting nervous.

>> you have puff paint and decoration. we're making -- this is what we're going to make. hearts filled with candies.

>> okay.

>> we're using a grocery store bag. puff paint. it gives it texture. write like "i heart danny ." it's one grocery bag with a hole punch and decorate it. you see this?

>> adorable.

>> the idea is if you have a broken heart , you tear it open and -- ahh.

>> lovely.

>> how romantic. that was like my peak of craft.

>> okay.

>> that's gorgeous.

>> yes, i know. i know. so, i'm busy -- oh, hoda, that's darling.

>> keep on, we're happy.

>> i think when everyone gets back from sochi, they'll finally be dry.

>> okay. what else?

>> okay. this is so easy because it's fun and practical and really using all the trash around the house to use this. this is literally using trash. plastic bottles and plastic spray paint . using stickers, it spells love. l-o-v-e. you peel it off and you get see-through hearts.

>> do you see that?

>> where does that come from?

>> the mad mind where you live. the plastic bags . do you see this back here, a heart wreath?

>> yes.

>> this is all plastic bags . the way to make them fluffy, you take a bunch of bags and you twist it and you twist it like that. you tack a piece of tape. go all the way around the middle.

>> this is fun.

>> really good.

>> all the way around, you cut it and buff it and you're done.

>> i was already done.

>> come on, come on.

>> danny -- you never cease to amaze me. danny , thank you.

>> all right.

>> you did it again. you did it again.

>> thank you.

>> happy valentine's day.

>> happy valentine's day.

>> all right.

>>> now, that you're in the