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TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Colin Farrell ‘spoiled’ to star with Eva Marie Saint

Actor Colin Farrell stars in the new drama “Winter’s Tale” playing a thief who falls in love with a dying heiress in the 1960s and magically meets her sister, played by Eva Marie Saint, years later. They two joke about the on-screen romance and Saint recalls working as a page at NBC.

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>>> oh, there's a lot going on here. it's an old-fashioned romance.

>> in the new film "winter's tale."

>> colin plays a thief who falls in love with a dying heiress.

>> after her death, he's magically transplaced to modern-day new york and eva marie. they're both here with us today. i love it. i didn't know quite what it was going to be. it takes you down different roads. it was a first time directial experience.

>> yes, it won as oscar. i've known him for about 12 years. he wrote a sentimental sweet script that had no edge.

>> you have a love at first sight thing that happens.

>> sitting to my left.

>> hello.

>> hello.

>> by the way, she's no saint, all right?

>> i've been watching your shenanigans.

>> you two, there's something going on here.

>> something going on.

>> we know each other.

>> yeah.

>> did a friendship develop on the set with you guys?

>> well, more than that.

>> i've been married to 63 years for the same guy.

>> yeah, but it's not going well. it's been rocky for 47.

>> and he adores him.

>> we had a great -- well, i had a great, amazing time working with eve marie saint . i'm so spoiled.

>> it's a cameo, i do a cameo. let's get that straight. but you and jessica who was in downton abbey.

>> just lovely.

>> when i first met her, i said, around you going to miss your sisters in the stories. she goes, no, they just live right down the street.

>> what did you think of the script when you were reading it and it took all of these kind of crazy turns?

>> i was caught up in the epic scope of it from the get-go.

>> yeah.

>> i loved the period it was set in. the early pat of the 20th century in new york city . then going forward about 100 year, later. yeah, i loved it. not too confusing.

>> and a lot of horse back riding.

>> i love that. they never do it -- i never do it offset.

>> it's sexy.

>> it's very sexy, i find. throwing my leg over a beast.

>> oh.

>> i didn't say that --

>> and bareback.

>> and bareback, with the wind in your hair.

>> yeah.

>> no, no, no --

>> what's with the hair?

>> i knew that was a segue -- moving on. your hair looks great.

>> thank you.

>> you know why i love being here. i used to be a guidette at nbc.

>> did you? is.

>> yes. and i took tours around.

>> we're not going to ask what years?

>> i'm 90 now.

>> that is amazing.

>> i just told him that --

>> can you say what you said?

>> yeah.

>> he said, well, i've never been with a woman older than 80.

>> just joking.

>> watch what you say around us.

>> i know you two are crazy. my husband here he sold me on the subway downstairs from the back. never met. but then we met on nbc. and a few years later we were married.

>> what a great story.

>> he liked the way i walked.

>> i like the way you walk.

>> okay. we're going to get these kids a room.

>> yeah.

>> but it's a beautiful film.

>> it's a beautiful film. and i love it's not -- you sit there and it is a valentine you sit there and then you have a few hours of at least thinking of life in a different way.

>> it's lovely. thank you both.

>> "winter's tale" opening this friday. don't miss it.