TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Who should pay for the date?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, TODAY’s Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Willie Geist chat about a new poll revealing that more than half of those polled say men should pony up for a date

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>>> welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning, february 11th , 2014 .

>> the sun is just hitting that.

>> you've got to see this. look at this over here. over at -- this is just beautiful right over here. take a look at that. how gorgeous is that?

>> coming off the olympic stadium . that's beautiful.

>> and is this hockey over here?

>> yeah.

>> take a look. john, show the hockey over there. look at that.

>> walking tour of olympic park .

>> what's great is everything's so close to each other. you can go from one venue to the next. with six different venues.

>> i did this on purpose. i wanted to start over here.

>> you did. that was a veteran move.

>> nice move.

>> we have to go sit back down. oh, well. whatever.

>> back in new york, they can't make us do it. what are they going to do?

>> it is gorgeous. look at that shot. unbelievable. well, i'm willie along with natalie and al. welcome back to olympic park in sochi, russia. we've got a question for you.

>> valentine's day coming up.

>> don't forget that. who should pay for the date? before you say, i'm going to let you know what america thinks. " usa today " said 51% say the man should pay, 2% say the woman should pay, 30% say whoever asks for the date should pay for the date, 12% say split the bill, what say you, natalie morales ?

>> i say whoever asks. i think -- it seems right. if the woman makes the move, i think she's got to also offer to pay. now, whether or not the man accepts is the question.

>> it's hard.

>> is it hard?

>> it's hard.

>> i still would pay, you know.

>> what about drinks? if you say, hey, i'll get the drinks this time around and next time we'll go out for dinner.

>> still hard for me.

>> come on.

>> maybe if it's like a movie. you pay for the tickets and let her get the popcorn.

>> yeah. concession stand .

>> rack up the concession stuff. can i have the nachos?

>> yeah.

>> while you're at it.

>> very nice.

>> can i have a churro?

>> what movie theaters are going to.

>> honestly, the food is getting better.

>> you can order a whole meal.

>> gelado at my theater.