TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Zdeno Chara: Meet Sochi’s ‘most photogenic’ athlete

The Boston Bruins defenseman and Slovakian captain has been a huge hit at the Games. He jumped at the opportunity to carry the flag at the Opening Ceremonies when he was asked by his home country.

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>> is this the most photogenic man in sochi?

>> where is he?

>> oh.

>> that's what the " wall street journal " and others are saying about slovakia's team captain . he's hard to miss.

>> very tall.

>> 6'9".

>> wow.

>> hockey fans back home also know he's a defenseman for the boston bruins .

>> 6'9", by the way, without skates on. can you imagine how big he is when he straps on the skates?

>> here? sochi, fellow olympians have been lining up to get a picture with him. ashley wagner posted this one saying this man is a beast.

>> in a good way.

>> yeah. a good beast. but take a look at this picture of canada's justine dufour - lapointe . some say it's the perfect picture for the perfect moment . of course, she's beautiful. but also, please check out that tear poised perfectly on her right cheek. can you see it?

>> wow.

>> looks like a hollywood movie .

>> the dufour - lapointe sisters.

>> i knew you were going to correct it.

>> gorgeous.

>> this is our language person.

>> do it again?

>> dufour - lapointe .

>> you said --

>> yeah. it's very good.

>> do you want to know what they're feeding them? i want whatever they're having. they're drop dead . it's amazing.

>> wow.