TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Lindsey Vonn shows us how to ‘apres-ski’

After a hard day on the slopes, it’s all about the eating, drinking, and socializing. The Alpine skier shows TODAY’s Natalie Morales how to celebrate after a good run, kicking back with drinks and marshmallows.

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>>> well, of course, as we all know, for the athletes to the event and the competition, but for the rest of us who hit the slopes, it's about something else, isn't it, natalie?

>> well, intensity and all that, as well. we're not talking about skiing, but after the hard day at skiing, it's about drinking, socializing, something we love to do. even with knee injuries preventing lindsey vonn from joining the competition, that didn't stop us back in new york.

>> reporter: you can ski for fun, you can ski for olympic gold , or you can opre ski.

>> this is the closest thing we could find to mountains and skiing in the center of midtown manhattan .

>> we recently headed to new york city 's aspen social club for a little apres ski .

>> you've been doing it for quite a while now. you've been skiing your whole life.

>> yeah, big tradition over in europe, they love the apres ski . when we're done with races, everyone wants us to come over to tents where everyone's drinking and want to celebrate. and never can usually take part in it because i always have a race the next day. but at the same time, it's something fun and cool to see the fans get excited.

>> there's a little something in there. little surprise if you're okay with that.

>> you're ahead of me here.

>> yeah. i'm glad you got here when you did. jump in there. help yourself.

>> hard to resist.

>> the first time eating on television.

>> you do it so daintily. you're perfect at it already.

>> oh, that's good. good. mm-hmm.

>> you know how to work that marshmallow.

>> what's in this exactly?

>> i don't know. apres with tiger at all now? or is he not able to do the ski thing?

>> well, we're both competing all the time. i love these marshmallows.

>> what does your spring look like then?

>> i'm doing a lot of rehab. it's a lot of walking. you don't realize. it's like five hours of walking. last year at the masters, that was my first tournament and it was a lot. so we'll see.

>> getting back out there real soon, right?

>> when i get better, i'll give you a ski lesson.

>> really? promise?

>> i promise. yeah.

>> i got that on tape, right? i am signing up for a ski lesson with lindsey vonn . don't expect any olympians here taking part in apres ski . they're all about the competition, but when the competition is over, different story.

>> question of the day, do you apres with tiger?

>> she gives her a drink and starts going for the relationship. well done, natalie. well