TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Latest high-tech Olympic gear for gold

Men’s Health Magazine senior editor Clint Carter joins TODAY to show some of the hottest technology that gives athletes a winning edge, including the Team USA long track speedskating skin, hockey skates and goggles.

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>> olympics. the difference between a gold medal , silver medal or no medal at all can be hundredths of a second.

>> that's why so many of our athletes invest in new technology to give them the extra edge they need.

>> here to show us the latest in gear on display in sochi is clint carter. good to see you.

>> yeah.

>> it's a pleasure. this is high-tech stuff. some of the stuff will never trickle down to the average person.

>> the average consumer, civilians like us can't get. this is just for the athletes.

>> for example, long track speed skaters , they've teamed up underarmour with lockheed martin .

>> yeah. they put a lot of energy. two years, top secret development to come up with this suit. and there's a lot of really fancy technology in this.

>> it doesn't work when you see it on a table. let's check out mitch whitmore from team usa . how you doing?

>> doing okay.

>> what does it feel like to have on?

>> it's not the most comfortable thing standing up, but in the skating position, it's not too bad.

>> you competed yesterday in the 500 meter. what was that like wearing this? going out there, giving it your all?

>> it's awesome. to be in the olympics is really exciting, all the fans there cheering me on. it was awesome.

>> that's awfully cool. and there's mitch on the ice and here they are here. show me one more time. how do you get the webs to come out like that? that's cool. thank you very much. congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> what else do you have?

>> next we have the hockey skate, right? a lot of guys on team usa will be wearing this. how do you make it faster and you design it more like a speed skate. they've raised the heel to put the pressure in the toe, changed the lacing. and they've got this tendon guard back here pushes the foot forward, and one side is slightly lower than the other to encourage you to push your foot outward. they tested this skate and found it made their skaters 13% faster. that's a huge advantage.

>> that's great.

>> and is this technology available for people?

>> that is an expensive skate, though, about $700.

>> that's a lot of pucks.

>> talk to me about the goggles.

>> so ted ligety started this brand to address what he thought were vision problems out skiing. so he's done a few things here to make vision more clear. and so you can get a bigger range. he's made the goggles bigger. that's your peripheral. he's addressed what is pressure build-up between the layers of lenses which can create distortion. he's put an air vent in each lens. and of course he's made it so you can pop it out easy so you can have a different tint or color as you need it.

>> and those are also available to the average skier?

>> yep. you can get those, as well.

>> and these helmets. falling is part of the sport.

>> that's the fun part, i think. no, snowboarders are using these. what she likes about them, though, is the fact you've got this really thick impact resistant foam in here. so it takes multiple impacts. if you take a spill, get back up and keep going. because the pressure goes into the foam, you can have a flexible shell that's more comfortable. also, you can pop your ear buds into the ear flaps.

>> they love that.

>> you always see that.

>> cross-country skis right here. why are these so high-tech?

>> well, the great thing about the special ski. it's a cross-country ski, the "c" stands for core. it's designed for core snow. so the bottom is really, really hard and absorbs more wax. it's a very specialized ski that the average consumer cannot even buy.

>> wow.

>> so the average skier --

>> incredibly light.

>> incredibly light.

>> if you're going to have 8 to 20 different skis to carry with them.

>> and if you want something for your driveway going downhill with the kids.

>> right.

>> it's a bmw that goes faster than i ever drive on the road, so like 90 miles an hour. team usa hasn't been doing so great the past few years. the two-man bobsled team, but they've teamed up with bmw to create an entirely new bobsled. it's lower, more narrow, more aerodynamic. and spend a lot of time in the wind tunnel with this thing to get it that way. they have a weight requirement. should they put weights in the bottom in strategic places to make it more faster down the track?

>> thank you so much. clint carter.