TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Tucker West: Dad ‘took the cake’ on embarrassing me

The U.S. luger and his father, Brett, join TODAY to chat about dad trying to land his son a date on live TV. As far as parents embarrassing their kids goes, “He took the cake on this one, I think,” Brett says, but admits he’s had tons of date offers since. Jenna Bush Hager reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> every parent embarrasses their kids at one time or another, some of us more than others, but most people don't do it on national television. well, let's see what happens when the father of 18-year-old american luger tucker west spoke out on "today" over the weekend.

>> and i want to say to all the young ladies out there, tucker is very single. now, he's a little shy, so you have to reach out to him, and you can do that through facebook , his page, teamtucker. and the neat part is, he's a good kid. everyone who posts there, he always gives back a personal response.

>> wow. well, after that interview, tucker was bombarded with facebook messages and tweets, most of those from savannah.

>> oh, wow.

>> but has he forgiven his dad? they are with jenna over in the orange room .

>> yes, they are. tucker and brett are here. savannah's a cougar. first of all, is your dad the world's best wing man? or was this a bit embarrassing?

>> yeah, a little bit of both. that's the nature of every parent to embarrass their child and he took the cake on this one this year, i think.

>> you got some marriage proposals.

>> yeah, of course. let's get to some of your facebook tweets. jocey tweeted, my mom told me to tweet tucker because he's really cute and obviously looking for a girlfriend, #okaymom #teamtucker . do you think all the moms love you?

>> sounds like the mom's more interested there.

>> we also have erin who says my sister will be 18 and probably needs a prom date may 9th . she's super cute, hope you're available #teamtucker.

>> are you?

>> i think i have to go to school, but maybe i can find some time.

>> should he find some time?

>> all right. can you believe what you've done to your son?

>> i'm just so proud of him. every parent's so proud of their children when they succeed at something. and tucker's really succeeded. and this has been a lot of fun.

>> and he succeeded with a lot of dates. thanks so much.