TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

Syria peace talks resume in Geneva

Both sides in Syria’s civil war resumed peace talks this morning. Meanwhile, dramatic scenes are unfolding in one Syrian city that has seen some of the worst fighting. Bill Neely reports.

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>>> both sides in syria 's civil war resume peace talks this morning in geneva. meantime, dramatic scenes are unfolding in one syrian city that has seen some of the worst fighting.

>> reporter: daily life, daily death in syria 's besieged suburb. the regime pounding rebel-controlled areas. so this was a moment of hope amid war, a triumph of humanity, hundreds of civilians escaping the siege that's lasted for two years. ushered out by the u.n. and red cross after a deal between the two warring sides. but they had to run the gauntlet, crossing 500 yards of no man's land, a terrifying final break for freedom. some fire breaking the shaky cease-fire agreement.

>> that agreement was violated.

>> reporter: more than 1,000 people have escaped. many are men of military age. the question, will the regime arrest and jail them or worse? hundreds more want to escape homs, the cease-fire deal gives them two more days to get out. and then -- there are fears syria 's army will regard anyone lest a legislate target. but everyone knows this is a pause in a war that has been relentless, nbc