TODAY   |  February 11, 2014

South bracing for another major storm

The South faces a second dangerous round of snow and ice. Schools are already canceled in Atlanta, power outages are expected and multiple flights are canceled. The Weather Channel’s Sam Champion reports.

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>>> another big story we're following back home. that nasty winter storm once again taking aim at the south. we know officials there don't want a repeat of a couple weeks ago.

>> but this thing has the potential to cripple that region. in factious , as we go to the map, looking at 58 million people affected. you can already see the storm system developing along that stationary front, below it, we've got gulf moisture coming in. tons of it to the north, cold air funneling in around that high pressure . and so right there, we've got a battle zone . and we're looking at ice. starting late tonight into tomorrow, we're looking at up to 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice from monroe, texas, all the way to jackson, mississippi. and look as you get into the southeast. we are looking near atlanta up to 1/2 inch to an inch of ice, major airport delays, travel not being recommended. power outages are expected. i-75 in northern georgia already closed. delta airlines in atlanta . let's turn to sam champion . he right now is live in atlanta . and sam, i know that they're already prepping for this. what have you heard?

>> reporter: getting ready, al. they're getting ready. as you said, about 18 states, 50 to 60 million people involved in what will be winter storm pax in this area. who knew when i came to atlanta to work for the weather channel i'd be in the middle of about every winter storm . take a look at this road surface behind us. we showed it when it was covered with snow and turned to ice and shut down for 2 1/ 2 days through here. this is what they're trying to avoid here as they get ready for it. let me show you a little bit. there you're seeing the pictures of what it looked like. trucks and cars everywhere. a little mixture they're beginning to spread on the road surface . rock, sand and salt, as well. the idea is to give you traction on the roads. today is a wet day. tuesday is wet, but tuesday night into wednesday morning, these temperatures will drop to freezing by 2:00 a.m . that means we're going to get some snow. we're going to get some ice. and that's going to last until thursday. so just about everybody's already getting ready for it. we have a lot of schools shut down in the atlanta area , in atlanta and all around it for tuesday and wednesday. the expectation here is as this storm pulls up into the mid-atlantic and new england, wednesday into thursday, there will be some snow here and some snow there, as well. so we'll have a lot to talk about, al. not only in atlanta , but all the way up the east coast .