TODAY   |  February 10, 2014

Matt and Al will luge again!

TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker announce that they will once again don their spandex outfits and hit the double luge in honor of the Winter Olympics — this time, with Matt in the pilot seat.

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>> when you think about olympics, most people think about medals. when you talk about matt and i, we have to think spandex.

>> that's right. we made it a tradition to try a sport together, and usually it's a closely guarded secret. this time, though, we're letting you in on it ahead of time. so if everyone's ready, here in sochi, we'll return to a classic "today" show moment and give one of your favorite sports another go. that's right. we're going to be riding the double luge one more time with a twist this time.

>> i'm on top this time. last time, you were the pilot and you hit every conceivable wall. this time i'm the pilot and we'll see if i can best you and not leave you with bruised elbows and shins.

>> you're actually going to train. you're going to train this time around.

>> we're going to train a little bit. that's right. and leading up to our sequel run this friday, all week long we're going to show you our training. today we celebrate like an olympian. that's part of the training. no