TODAY   |  February 10, 2014

What it’s like to be rich in Russia

Since the end of Communism, there was been something of a new Russian revolution that includes lots of glamour and glitz, tasting expensive caviar and shopping around the globe.  Russia now boasts 100 billionaires. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> sochi with the taste of the russian life . and for that we turn to keir simmons who checked it out.

>> yes. this was a difficult one to research. all the caviar and champagne. but seriously, there's been a new russian revolution . the rich russians are here and all around the world.

>> reporter: $500,000 cars, $11,000- hotel suites .

>> and that's not negotiable.

>> reporter: russia is not what it used to be. we met her at her home. well, one of her homes.

>> reporter: so you live in this wonderful house in the snow for only part of the year?

>> oh, yeah. and the rest of the time, i live in florida.

>> reporter: what else to do but go shopping?

>> reporter: and here we have a ralph lauren .

>> reporter: in moscow's most expensive mall.

>> reporter: how many fur coats does a russian woman need?

>> five, six.

>> reporter: six coats?

>> how much is this coat?

>> $5,000.

>> reporter: $5,000?

>> yes.

>> reporter: in the sale?

>> it's a good quality.

>> veronica runs a london concierge company geared to help rich russians spend all the money they're making. here, sampling caviar.

>> very strong taste.

>> reporter: russia 's new businesswomen work hard and play hard and love luxury. one place they find it is in london .

>> my family came from very little in life, but both my mother and my family, we've achieved a lot.

>> the new generation. what are they doing to make their money?

>> the next generation of russians , the wonderful thing is that we've always had this culture to work.

>> reporter: also in london , actress and model katia ilizarova.

>> what do i need to wear?

>> that depends. if you're a girl, you need to have high heels . we're coming from a country that is famous for diamonds and furs. of course, it's something that girls aspire to have.

>> okay.

>> we are here where you can find the most amazing shoes.

>> tell me about this new generation of young russians .

>> this shop is good example for new young entrepreneurial russians who want to work internationally who knows languages and travel a lot.

>> so we have churchill and roosevelt.

>> and we'll have somebody else to replace him. somebody a little less fierce. and definitely more blond, me.

>> reporter: and a reality check here. 35% of the wealth in russia is owned by only 110 russians . there is real inequality here, you know.

>> oh, yeah.

>> but it was interesting to hear the new generations of russians talking about putting aside the bling thing and now they want to be a bit more sophisticated. don't want to show off so much. and during the research of that piece, i used your credit card , natalie.

>> nice. good. thank you.

>> no problem.

>> a lot of rubles.