TODAY   |  February 10, 2014

Matt, Al learn how to ‘celebrate like an Olympian’

TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker travel to a traditional Dutch bar to learn how to celebrate like real Olympic athletes.

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>> we're going to train a little bit. that's right. and leading up to our sequel run this friday, all week long we're going to show you our training. today we celebrate like an olympian. that's part of the training. no fans celebrate harder than the dutch. my wife happens to be from the netherlands, so i figured i would fit right in.

>> my first night here, i figured i'd take you to the hot spot, this is the place to go.

>> let me handle the communication, all right? leave it up to me. i speak dutch.

>> all right, buddy. we're going in for the dutch people right now. done normal.

>> what's that?

>> act normal.

>> everybody says this is the house to be in?

>> yeah.

>> so i'm matt.

>> hi, matt.

>> ik spreek -- this is al.

>> hi, al. hoe gaat het. go up to this young lady and say, i give you a -- oh!

>> that's a spank on the tushy.

>> why is the hollen haus like the best, craziest house out there?

>> we make a great party.

>> and positive that's the last time we'll be invited there.

>> who's fault is that?

>> not my fault.

>> i asked you how to you trade pins not pat somebody on the tush.

>> very close.

>> it's not very close, mr. i speak dutch.

>> who knows. i got confused.

>> yeah.

>> that happens a lot to you.

>> yeah. exactly.