TODAY   |  February 10, 2014

Totally ‘spoice,’ dude! Talk like a snowboarder

Gold medalists Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson join TODAY to explain some of the latest snowboarding slang, including “shreddin’ the gnar” and “yard sale.”

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>> we're going to launch al's snowboarding slang class. to help us out, sage kotsenburg and jamie anderson . you've created your own language?

>> pretty much. it's gotten to the point where no one understands us anymore.

>> do you understand each other?

>> no, we honestly don't. we say stuff and it goes --

>> okay. so what is thois.

>> it's a kind of thing. oh, that was spice, man. jamie's a spice. you can really use it for anything.

>> eyou can use it for anything. what does it mean when you say shredding the gnar.

>> pretty much like shredding the mountain, i guess.

>> pretty much what we do.

>> shredding the gnar.

>> hanging loose, you know.

>> okay. what's a yard sale .

>> a yard sale is when typically a skier takes a fall and all of his equipment or hers is just all over the place.

>> all over the yard. all over the yard. okay. if someone is crunchy, is that a good thing?

>> crunchy.

>> i haven't heard that.

>> you haven't heard that one?

>> are you sure?

>> i don't know. i was told. crispy. oh, crispy.

>> crispy's like something's nice. that was pretty crispy.

>> that's what it says, someone got this confused. crispy crunchy.

>> crunchy's a new one.

>> what happened when you blasted a dookie.

>> no, don't say that. that was between you and me.

>> what's blasting a dookie.

>> i'm not sure about that.

>> falling off a ski lift .

>> we're making these things up, i guess, as we go.

>> kids don't usually fall off, sometimes they'll jump off the chair.

>> still trying to get over crunchy.

>> all right. guys, thank you so much. and you learn more about sage's awesome tricks at thanks. congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> guys, that was crispy, thanks. crunchy, too.