TODAY   |  February 10, 2014

Bad habits? US ice dancers answer your questions

U.S. ice dancing duo Charlie White and Meryl Davis answer your questions sent in with #AskAnOlympian. Jenna Bush Hager reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> on dinner.

>>> and as the olympic torch burns here in sochi, we turn it over to jenna bush hager in our version of the orange room .

>> the what?

>> here we are. and you guys decided to stay around and answer some questions for us. we have had questions rolling in the whole time #askanolympian. first, we have kirsten who tweeted.

>> i don't know if it's much of advice, but charlie's extremely quick-witted and it can get ann annoying. he's always ten minutes ahead of me.

>> okay.

>> so the most annoying thing about meryl, we'll be serious and having a serious conversation and then she'll be on her phone and just be like, actually, though, this is