TODAY   |  February 10, 2014

Sochi tweets hit nearly 9 million

Since the Games started, millions of tweets have been posted, including ones on problems in Sochi, and an athlete getting date offers by putting his digits on his helmet. Tweet your favorite moments with the hashtag #OrangeRoom. Jenna Bush Hager reports.

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>>> are dominating the conversation online. and jenna hager bush is the --

>> via conata. sochi is the most social olympic games ever, of course, without a doubt, there have been nearly 9 million tweets since the olympics have started. starting with this picture tweeted by u.s. bobsledder johnny quinn when he was locked in the bathroom and forced to find a way out. he tweeted, with no phone to call for help , i used my bobsled push training to break out #sochijailbreak. and the snowboarder -- he didn't pick up a medal here in sochi, but he did pick up quite a few dates. after putting his telephone number on his helmet during competition, he received over 2,000 texts and dozens of pictures. some of which are not appropriate for our broadcast, by the way. that's one way to pick up a girlfriend. and all of you probably remember the not impressed face. there you go. some people say it could never be topped. but she may have some competition from figure skater ashley wagner who was not impressed when she saw her score in the short program the other night. of course, the ashley wagner has become a mash, we put these two together. when you see her reaction to the fifth olympic ring, not impressed. and also if she had the same problem as johnny quinn , not impressed. so i wonder how she feels about being on the "today" show this morning. ashley?

>> you're impressed or not impressed?

>> she's not impressed. #nobigdeal. can you do the face?

>> we mastered that face.

>> roker's got it. look at it.

>> we woke you up in the middle of the night face.

>> not impressed.