TODAY   |  February 09, 2014

TODAY anchors try curling on Rockefeller ice rink

With Lester Holt reporting from the Sochi Olympics, Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer donned their Team USA sweaters and made some of their own Olympic fun, taking a curling lesson from a champion of the sport.

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>> national team. you're here with us this morning. you can't think of a better way to spend your sunday.

>> except to be in sochi.

>> we didn't want to rub that in. the first tip is you never curl outside, except on the "today" show?

>> we're going to show you, if you went to a curling club, a facility, first thing they do is show you how to throw the rock, deliver the stone. i'll do that. i think you'll be really accomplished at throwing it yourself.

>> i should point out we also have matt shiner and eric of thor here from the long island club who are going to help dylan and jenna learn to sweep.

>> brushing a very important part of the game . you'll have to count on dylan an jenna to help you when you throw it. basically throwing it toward the house, drawback, put your foot under your chest.

>> when do you let it go? right around there.

>> it's going to catch the fall, maybe it's going to finish. hard! hard!

>> the sheet is about four times as long as this, erica, but i like your chances.

>> you got your sweepers ready. remember you can yell at them.

>> this way?

>> yes, and rotate that way.

>> ladies, here we go. half hour show.

>> come back, come back. you got it.

>> jenna !

>> i think for a first run that was actually pretty good. i see people laughing up here. you thought it was good, too, right? we have a future.

>> this is not as easy as it looks. it's clear when you pick these things up, there's a lot of skill involved, a lot of practice time.

>> there's a lot of physicality involved. the ice will be much better in sochi, so it won't fade off into the corner.

>> we can blame this on the ice.

>> we always blame the ice in conditions. bad ice conditions you can always blame.

>> nice to have you here. thanks to the long island curling club. we'll be back