TODAY   |  February 09, 2014

Winter weather in Northwest is ‘downright dangerous’

Residents of the Northwest are enduring snow, rain and sleet in a winter storm that has made driving conditions dangerous. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> it all. we're following a big weather story meantime in the northwest where relentless snow and ice is impacting millions. dylan has been following it all for us. what's the latest?

>> erica, it is down right dangerous in parts of the northwest as more people are dealing with more snow in just a few days than they've seen in years. take a look at some of this video. there were 600 crashes in oregon alone. this is one of my favorites. you have an suv pulling this huge mack truck . with more snow in the forecast, it's going to keep the roads extremely slippery. now further south, an area that needs the rain, but california is getting inches of it. homes and highways were flooded north of san francisco . this is the type of pattern that's going to set up that brings up to perhaps nine to 11 inches in some parts of california . that is still, believe it or not, going to help with the drought. we need more and more of this type of rain to really help with the serious drought conditions . we have flash flood watches in parts of california . also winter storm warnings and winter weather add vieries further to the east. this area near santa rosa and san francisco where we are going to see this stream of moisture that originates down near hawaii, called the pineapple express because it originates from down there. it pours in this river of moisture in the atmosphere into areas like washington state , oregon and into california as well. we are going to see more rainfall in this area, especially through san francisco this morning. we could see as much as two to three inches of rainfall and as much as two feet of snow in some of the california mountains. erica?

>> they will take every drop they can get, although some of that is tough as