TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Yum! Make succulent roasted chicken, scrumptious salad

Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Fraser, whose new Boston restaurant is called M.C. Spiedo, show Kathie Lee and Hoda how to prepare a roasted chicken with lemon and prosciutto, as well as a salad topped with marinated fennel.

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>>> the mona lisa , the last supper, a couple of leonardo de' da vinci 's most famous works of art . who knew that da vnsy cooked too?

>> he can cook too. mark geyer and clark frazier are the owners of the new restaurant mcspiedo in boston. they have two recipes. the salad and one that you voted for online, a lemony garlic chicken . congrats on the new restaurant.

>> we're so excited. we have been working on the project for a couple of years and traveling and researching in italy for many, many --

>> poor thing. poor thing.

>> how do you know this is a da vinci salad?

>> this was found in one of his old notebooks, a shopping list he had written down, all the ingredients, probably not exactly, but the ingredients for this salad, and he did this vinaigrette that we're going to throw together with mint and parsley and fennel. he was a vegetarian. so he wouldn't have eaten the chicken we're --

>> that's all right. we'll do it for him.

>> here is the fennel. you'll get the idea there. we toss that with lemon juice . some olive oil , garlic, salt and pepper . i like it better raw.

>> i do too.

>> we have watermelon radishes.

>> the cutest things.

>> we grow those in our garden. and nice mix of frise and all the herbs, parsley, thyme and mint. the mint is a nice surprise in there.

>> okay.

>> if you want to pour this in there.

>> what's that?

>> that's white wine vinegar. and that's olive oil . don't drink it.

>> no.

>> and then salt and pepper in there and we'll season that up and make it taste like something.

>> why don't you finish that up.

>> very different.

>> we'll dress the salad and might --

>> the chicken down here --

>> the chicken , we have a great piece of chicken and we'll make it drunken.

>> okay.

>> so wine.

>> any kind? what do you like best?

>> a dry white wine is fine. pinot grigio would be perfect for this. a little for the broth, a little for the chicken . a cup of oil.

>> that's a lot.

>> and you're going to let it sit in there.

>> this is key, right?

>> nice squeeze it all over. exactly. and then we're going to let that marinate. you can let it marinate overnight or maybe five hours or so. leave it in the refrigerator.

>> do you cook the lemon inside?

>> we are. once we're done, we're going to take that --

>> the chicken doesn't mind.

>> the chicken does not mind. all the cooking from the restaurant will be from the renaissance. we use a lot of things like --

>> how long do you cook it for?

>> cook it for about an hour or so?

>> a big hit . this is a real dining experience.

>> a little prosciutto.

>> thank you, guys, so much. good luck with your restaurant. coming up next week, colin farrell , henry winkler .

>> e's ross matthews .