TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Meringue mini tarts, borscht: Cook Russian at home

Chef Tatyana Nesteruk shows TODAY how to cook delicious Russian dishes like classic beef stroganoff and borscht.

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>>> russia's home to the olympics this year. but also the home of pretty unique and delicious dishes.

>> one dish i can't wait to try is beef stroganof.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i should say, it's privyet. what's more easy conversational?

>> priviyet.

>> let's start off with vodka. we're going to be drinking a lot of this.

>> some of us.

>> maybe.

>> if you want it.

>> you already know natalie's plans.

>> i'm not a big vodka drinker.

>> serve this cold?

>> yes.

>> i like it like that in the ice already.

>> needs orange juice .

>> wow. and then herring?

>> yes, traditional russian herring. and this is a great little appetizer to have with your vodka. and so just a little salty treat to eat with dark bread and onions to break down that strong taste.

>> and you say this is traditional peasant food , right?

>> yes. yeah. it's a great little appetizer.

>> okay. let's move on to the main event . the beef stroganoff .

>> i've already sauteed and seasoned. carrots and garlic and mushrooms in here. going to take it out of my bowl, and we're going to add our beef tenderloin . and i like to use beef tenderloin , a soft, tender meat. you don't have to cook it much longer. and transfer everything out of the bowl here.

>> okay.

>> brown it to add lots of color.

>> right.

>> so add butter. we're going to add our beef.

>> and you cut it really thin, then, right?

>> yeah. thinly sliced and we're going to brown it, season it with a little bit of salt. let that brown.

>> okay.

>> let this brown and add our sauce. i already have my sauce made here. we're going to start with the roux. equal parts butter equal parts flour. put that down for a few minutes. add our milk, slowly whisk that in. already added some of our broth. and once that's all done, we're going to add it back into our pan.

>> okay.

>> once this is brown, you add the roux back into here. and serve it on top of egg noodles, right?

>> yeah. also mashed potatoes or white rice . it's really, really delicious.

>> we're going to be eating a lot of this over there. looking forward to it.

>> yeah.

>> mmm. that's good.

>> so we're going to come back here. and we have some traditional russian beef. russia 's such a large recipe. each region's going to have a different variety on this. this is my take on it.

>> and what do you serve it with?

>> it's a beet soup?

>> beets, carrots, tomatoes. and i serve with sour cream on top, fresh bread, little green scallion on top.

>> and a nice little sweet at the end.

>> that's delicious.

>> and they are little tarts filled with fruit jelly or a lemon curd topped with meringue sauce on top.

>> i'm going to like this.

>> russia .

>> i can't wait to get there. thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> i keep forgetting you took russian.

>> i took a year of it, which didn't get me