TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Photo of the week: Lady Gaga and Britney Spears

USA Today entertainment reporter Arienne Thompson gives TODAY a rundown of the latest celebrity news of the week, including Selena Gomez’s rehab announcement.

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>>> in the musical collaboration and a star-studded sneak peek .

>> here with our scoop is " usa today " entertainment reporter and we partnered in a series called "take your pick" where we made predictions about the olympics. whose predictions did most of you agree with? the winner is me.

>> as usual.

>> 35% of the vote. willie on my tail, he was winning for a short time there, 32%, 22% of you agreed with " usa today ."

>> on another note. that is a final tally.

>> i mean when the predictions actually, we find out.

>> yes.

>> all right. let's talk first about this news about selena gomes who was in rehab for a while.

>> she was. this is a bit of a surprise. she's one of the disney stars, the goody, goody disney stars. and her rep made it very clear this was not for substance abuse. but the thing is, we have to think about sort of the company she keeps. justin bieber's her ex-boyfriend and he's gotten into lots of trouble. and demi lavato is one of her friends. and we wish her the best and it's nice to be proactive about these things. if you're not feeling well to seek a little bit of help. good for her.

>> hope she's on the mend.

>> yeah.

>> photo of the week, lady gaga and britney spears ?

>> yes.

>> tweeted by gaga herself.

>> yeah.

>> after taking in britney's show in vegas.

>> supernovas collide sort of. gaga went backstage. it was all love, there was no competition. and this might be a good move for gaga because art pop didn't do well.

>> is that what she wore to go see?

>> come on, this is lady gaga . of course.

>> what did you think she would have on?

>> i don't know.

>> this question about whether they may collaborate.

>> of course, if they take a picture together, the rumors will fly they're going to collaborate. and they have tweeted each other and said, hey, we should work together. hey, i know. so i think we'll see something from that.

>> that would be great.

>> it would be.

>> tweet of the week. a yoga pose posted by alec baldwin himself. and i love what he tweeted. take a look. he says, i mean, you gotta see this. the hashtag is my wife is an alien.

>> yes, i love this. she's a yoga instructor. and on her own social media feed, she posts poses every day. she can do anything.

>> and she's defying gravity because the dress is staying up.

>> how do you do that in heels and a dress?

>> i don't do that to begin with.

>> sneak peek for the movie "the other woman."

>> lots of stars in this one. we have cameron diaz . nicky minaj and kate upton, another nonactress actress making her move into the movie world .

>> is this a major role for kate upton?

>> i think so. there's a gang of women in there and i think she's right in there with them.

>> let's take a look.

>> yeah.

>> you haven't dated just one guy in a long time.

>> you cleared the whole roster?

>> i cleared the bench.

>> you're going to connecticut now?

>> i've got to.

>> i'm looking for mark. you must be his housekeeper.

>> no, i'm his wife kate .

>> oh. drama.

>> coming soon to a theater near you in april.