TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Meet the man behind Sochi’s Opening Ceremony

TODAY special correspondent Meredith Vieira sits down with the production designer of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, George Tsypin.

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>> let's begin this half hour with more on tonight's opening ceremony.

>> to call this ambitious is an understatement to say the very least. i got the chance to go behind the scenes with the creative force behind the extravaganza.

>> reporter: once the graffiti mecca. a hip photo op for visitors passing by. and also the unlikely home base for production designer george seton and his team who have been tasked with designing the biggest show the world has ever seen.

>> you would think for a project as big as the olympics in sochi, russia, all of this happening some place else and not in a studio in the heart of new york city .

>> look, in terms of design, we've produced a lot of things here in the studio. this is more than just the design. it's a huge collaboration of many different specialists from all over the world.

>> reporter: he's always had a knack for bringing his imagination to life. the man behind the curtain has designed some of the world's biggest productions.

>> i've done shows, but this is something else. truly mind boggling. and comes to create the biggest show ever. because they say, we're a big country , we have to do it. every time i arrive in sochi, and i see the things we discussed actually happening in this enormous scale. and you feel, are you serious? are you actually doing this? it's just an idea i had in the middle of the night . and it's actually happening.

>> and we have the chance to talk to george a couple of days ago, and he fully admitted he's nervous but only has to get it right once.

>> and he's been short on time. they only got in here really about a month ago.

>> exactly. it's a very complex show they're going to put on.