TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Notables tweet well-wishes for Jay Leno

Michelle Obama, Jimmy Kimmel and other friends and fans sent sincere online messages to the comedian. Send along your messages with the hashtag #OrangeRoom. Jenna Bush Hager reports from the Orange Room.

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>> where he got joked up, it was unexpected and driving a conversation online this morning, right, jenna?

>> sure is. after 22 years, he has people talking online, and big people. we're talking oprah who was there last night. she instagrammed this picture of the two of them backstage saying so long, farewell. we also -- oh, no, not again. we also have j.t., justin timberlake , the one and only j.t. saying thank you for all the laughs and great times. also, can i have a car? no? okay. cool. and we have jimmy kimmel , his competitor. issues aside, 20 years at number one is a remarkable achievement, congratulations and best wishes to jay leno on an incredible run. and finally, the first lady of the united states , thanks for all the memories and the laughs. wishing you good health and a great journey ahead. he'll be truly, truly missed.

>> that jimmy kimmel one --

>> it was nice.

>> this is genuine, he's slammed this guy.

>> well, there was --

>> focus on the positive.

>> he got so many amazing tweets not only from celebrities, but all of you. we have tweets from our fans watching. so send in your love to jay leno .