TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Brooklyn man blasted by snow from plow

Surveillance video shows a man walking outside an auto dealership on Wednesday as a snowplow drives by and completely sprays the poor guy with a wave of snow and ice, knocking him to the ground.

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>>> and if you think you're tired of all the snow and cold this winter, wait until you see this. surveillance video from wednesday. got to feel sorry for this guy walking on the sidewalk when -- bam! the snowplow driving from the opposite direction blasts him with snow and ice, knocks him to the ground as you saw there. the auto dealership says they found their glass door smashed in and snow inside the showroom the next morning.

>> you could get hurt with that. there's a lot of debris that's thrown up with those snowplows.

>> and that was snow with ice and snow and ice on top.

>> he's probably finding snow in places he didn't know he had places.