TODAY   |  February 07, 2014

Obama says relationship with Putin is ‘respectful’

In an interview with NBC’s Bob Costas, the president says his relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin moving forward will be a “constructive, respectful relationship,” but that there will be times when they have “real differences.” He said the two speak bluntly with little “beating around the bush."

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>> got the chance to speak to the president and they talked about the president's relationship with russia's vladimir putin .

>> i think there's always going to be a balance where areas of mutual interest we work together, cooperate. but there are going to be times where we have real differences. and we the t tend to have blunt conversations. when we sit down and talk, there's not a lot of beating around the bush or niceties. i think it's all business. and i tell him where i strongly disagree with him, and he does the same.

>> probably shouldn't make too much of the fact that the president isn't attending these games. most presidents do not, jenna's dad, george bush , did go to beijing in 2008 for a coming out party for the chinese. but it's not that all unusual for a president not to travel to an olympic games .