TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

‘Oh my goodness!’ Makeovers transform two friends

Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin pluck two lucky women off the TODAY plaza and give the two friends amazing transformations.

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>>> do what we always do about right now.

>> "ambush makeovers." two women were plucked off the plaza and surprised with brand-new looks and doing the plucking as always, "today" contributor, stylist to the stars, louis licari.

>> thank you, ladies.

>> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin.

>> hello.

>> most beautiful girl .

>> she is.

>> better with age all the time, like a fine wine, baby. she's fermenting. okeydokey. what did you find out there?

>> not a lot to choose from.

>> the weather finally got the best of us. but we found two ladies from the south who were ready to update their looks. and they were -- they wanted to add glamour to their appearance.

>> oh, my gosh. first up is jennifer rogers, 37 years old, from aken, south carolina . jennifer is a stay at home mom and raises three young sons. she only wears makeup on social occasions. and she's been wearing that same hairstyle forever. she lost 50 pounds within the last few years and is excited for her glam new look. let's listen to her story.

>> i loved your reaction because you said this never happens to me.

>> no, it does not. i see it on tv and i wish something like that would happen, and when it did, i'm just, like, in shock.

>> i know, you're flipping out. i know you want this for her?

>> yes. if anyone deserve deserve s it, she's a stay at home mom to three boys, she's the most deserving person.

>> we're going to take good care of you.

>> thank you. i'm, like, still in shock.

>> oh, my god. she looks like so much fun.

>> fabulous. you can see, she's a beautiful woman. she needs a few tools.

>> no one in the studio at this point has reacted to her. she'll come out by herself and then her friend later. here is jennifer rogers' before picture. let's see the new you. i got the eye of the tiger

>> oh, my goodness.

>> wow.

>> oh, yeah.

>> jennifer . are you ready?

>> i think so.

>> all right, spin around, look at the mirror.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> you're beautiful !

>> oh, my gosh. you look awesome. do you need someone to hold your hand?

>> jennifer was a beautiful woman before, even more beautiful after. what we wanted to do is give her -- update her look, give her an option to wear her -- her hair is naturally curlily and very soft, tends to be very frizzy. she just loved the opportunity to have straight hair. of course, she could wear it curly or straight. and this is all done by carson.

>> tell us about the hot leather jacket .

>> this is an emotional day even getting ready because she lost all this weight. so it was fun being able to put her in red, for go red day, which is tomorrow. and this is from london times and the jacket is andrew marks.

>> are you all right? okay. come over here.

>> come stand next to jill. just face the wall so your friend can't see you and you can't see her.

>> your friend is heather willis , 37 from cave spring , georgia. she's a s she's a sixth grade schoolteacher. she tried different flooy eied different l ooks in the past but nothing has stuck. she hopes this makeover is what she's been looking for. we hope so too. let's hear her story.

>> now it is your surprise.

>> i can't believe, from georgia, the weather is freezing me and now finding out i'm going to be made over. i'm just flipping.

>> when you found out we were doing your friend, you flipped out again.

>> yes. because, i mean, to experience this with her, in this trip, and just everything that we're getting to do, i mean, it is just -- it is awesome. i can't believe it.

>> well, hooray.

>> yea, thank you.

>> excited?

>> bring it on. bring it on.

>> bring it on!

>> the right attitude.

>> so excited.

>> jennifer is waiting for her. let's take one last look at heather before.

>> don't turn around, jennifer .

>> and let's see the new jennifer willis .

>> heather .

>> heather willis . come on out, heather .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> goodness gracious me.

>> all right.

>> oh, my god. she already knows she looks great. jennifer , turn around and see heather and you can see each other. here we go.

>> my gosh.

>> so beautiful .

>> and heather , you want to take a look at you. you're going to like it. you're going it like it a lot.

>> oh, my god.

>> oh, my god.

>> you look amazing.

>> why don't you come see your friend? come over.

>> with heather , again, this is all about updating. she had highlights, overly highlighted hair. overly highlighted hair is ladies, hear me, out of style. highlights are in. but not -- when you try to make --

>> shouldn't look like highlights.

>> should look natural and blended and soft.

>> so what we did is we blended them together and added this slight pinch of warmth. not a red head .

>> beautiful .

>> it is beautiful .

>> strawberry blonde .

>> like a honey, yes. whatever.

>> that dress is --

>> adorable.

>> i did not pick it because we had to hide them from each other as we're getting dressed, we're in the same room. a little room . she said i want something with sparkle. and we showed off her beautiful legs, this is by laundry.

>> congratulations.

>> that's a great job.

>> that was done by ann,