TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Overalls, pink skirts: Hot teen trends for 2014

Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief Amy Astley visits TODAY to get you up to speed with what your teens will be talking about this year in movies, music, and fashion trends.

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>>> if you're the parent of a teen, then you know they can be complicated to say the least and they're always on top of the latest trends. the problem is the trends are always changing. we're about to make you really cool and hip. we'll tell you everything you need to know when it comes to hot fashion, movies, music and more.

>> because we're not cool. we have with us amy, editor in chief of "teen" magazine. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's start off with a hip guy and girl. douglas booth.

>> it's at year of doug lath boot. you may have know him from " romeo & juliet ." he's reteamed with emma watson in the film "noah" and he'll star in "jupiter ascending." rumors about him and taylor swift , not sure if that's true but he's a great looking boy.

>> let's move on to the girl who is starring with him in "romeo & ju juliet."

>> shaline --

>> we're not cool enough to know that.

>> pretty much everybody has read these books. it's a big breakout year for shaline.

>> she was a scene stealer. she was crying in the pool --

>> with george clooney .

>> next, " vampire academy ." this is going to be huge!

>> anything like "twilight"?

>> it's more vampires, of course. it's a slightly complicated story. it opens february 14th .

>> we should go.

>> my own teen-ager is really excited about it. they're highlands and it has a great cast. very popular books. divergent stars --

>> what about music? i actually do love lorde . you love her, too?

>> i love lorde . look out for lorde . she's an incredible artist. she won two grammys last week. she writes her own songs. she has a great voice and has wide appeal.

>> she's just 17.

>> she was discovered when she was 12. it's a great story, her success.

>> someone who has been on our show quite a bit and we love him and so do all his girl fans, austin mahone.

>> austin mahone. she was discovered on youtube. in that sense he has some similarity to other teen stars. he's very wholesome, this is a great video, great song. he has an album coming out this spring, highly anticipated and he was opening act for taylor swift . he's going to be big.

>> what about tv? teens like to watch their television shows. " dawson creek " not on anymore?

>> it's not on anymore.

>> i loved that show.

>> "rain." it's with mary queen of scotts arriving in france. it's a good mix of history and modern.

>> and here we have nicole, both coming out wearing overalls in baby pink.

>> i'm not saying moms should wear this but for teen daughters, it's great. it doesn't say let's go paint the house, it's in fashion. and pink, the color of the year for 2014 is radiant orchid.

>> she looks great. thank you, we're back in a moment