TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Yum! Make frozen chocolate banana almond cups

Nutritionist Joy Bauer joins TODAY for our installment of “Too Good to be Healthy” to chat about several desserts, including one for gluten-free black bean brownies, made by our three finalists. Find the recipes at

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>>> out and buy a decadent dessert for your sweetheart because we have three sweets you can make at home.

>> and we have our nutritionist here with our finalists for our too good to be healthy treat.

>> we love our job. these are some great treats. no guilt.

>> we got slammed with so many delicious submissions from our home chef talented viewers. we picked the three finalist. unfortunately the first woman wasn't feeling very well but she's here. melissa king from dallas, she made frozen chocolate banana almond cup. it's a healthy rendition -- she took semi- sweet chocolate chips, melted it at the layer at the bottom of sill i cone cupcake liners, almonds, a second layer of chocolates. it's 15 calories. my kids gobbled this down and begged me to make it again this weekend.

>> i don't let any chocolate go to waste.

>> this is sue walter. i'm so sorry, they switched everything. this is amanda and these are her black bean gluten free brownies. these are unbelievable. she's from north carolina .

>> a lot of people say black beans and brownies. but you got me at brownie. it's going to be delicious.

>> and you can't taste the black beans .

>> she throws everything in a food processor . but along with the cocoa powder and black beans , a little bit of espresso powder, which heightens the chocolatey flavor. 140 calories per brownie and 2.5 grams of fiber.

>> how many times did you make this before you got it just right?

>> just a couple of times. i mean, i love the fact that you can switch it up and soak the beans longer and then they end up like fluffier.

>> i'm from texas and i love beans.

>> i can eat this whole thing in one sitting.

>> again, brownies with a mission.

>> okay.

>> this is sue walter. she's from new jersey and she has mastered the impossible because she has conquered a low calorie delicious black bottom cupcake.

>> that's hard to do.

>> what's the healthy stuff here?

>> there's two different dimensions. the inside she uses creamy reduced fat cream cheese with dark chocolate chips. the outside cupcake, i wasn't you both to take a bite. there's a secret ingredient along with the chocolate and the flour.

>> apple sauce?

>> no.

>> you're like me. you sneak whenever you can.

>> reveal what it is.

>> it's greek yogurt and prunes.

>> i love prunes!

>> she loves a good prune.

>> the bruprune increases the sweetness without having to add a lot of sugar. entire cupcake, how about, this 140 calories. who is going to be the chocolate champion?

>> we're split. joy, you weigh in.

>> don't look at me. i love all three.

>> it can be a tie.

>> you like --

>> i say number one.

>> the reese's peanutbutter banana.