TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Clever ways to get your resume noticed

Experts join TODAY to chat about creative ways people have gotten their credentials noticed, including a billboard with a woman advertising she’s available for work, and a teen trying to sell his skills on eBay.

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>> for the past few years, millions of americans have found it hard to get a job. so a lot of people have resorted to resum? gimmicks to get noticed.

>> but do the gimmicks really get you the gig? we have the author of "go getter guide."

>> first up we have this bill board. brandon stewart took this out for his wife, holly stewart. just straight out, does this work, guys? "please hire my wife."

>> i think i might hire brandon, showing initiative.

>> bill boards are high risk /high reward. it's not very focused with the actual employer but it does get a lot of attention.

>> we have another bill board that adam --

>> not me.

>> but adam in the u.k. put up that said "hire adam " and he made a web site

>> i don't know. i hope he's not trying to be a financial planner . that seems like a bad spend there.

>> he did end up getting a job with a digital marketing company in social media . i guess something like this on the side of the road people can pay attention to it, right?

>> and news stations cover it. what i think in this situation, it's cheeky and he wanted to be in advertising, marketing, media. those things, it's applicable to do things very outside the box.

>> i like how you said cheeky. you got the lingo down.

>> next we have a girl who made a skirt, a colorful skirt -- or -- oh, sorry, we have josh butler, who wanted to sell himself on ebay.

>> but not in that way.

>> he put himself up for auction.

>> this is a teen-ager, too, which makes me a little concerned as a parent. what do you think about this idea?

>> i think it was a little bit weird. it's kind of a little bit desperate but with all of these kinds of things, people are so concerned that it's just about who you know and everything's online. i don't want to skquelch the inner go-getter.

>> especially teenagers. that always raises my red flags .

>> and here is the skirt.

>> we should explain. this is alana's resum? wrapped up around that skirt. sheep said she was applying to work at a magazine so she actually did get a job doing that. that's her resum? as a skirt. what do you guys think?

>> so many of the resum? gimmicks have nothing to do with the work you're actually going to do there. what is she applying for at the magazine? is she going to be making dresses there?

>> we're talking fashion.

>> it shows creativity, a little elle wood with the pink resum?. i worry when people get overly ku cutesie. it's not actually showing the skill set she's going to apply for.

>> if you have a stack of plain resum?s on your desk and that one shows up, you're at least going to take a look at that one.

>> it's also a big percentage of your office space dominated by the resum?.

>> one thing i loved is the bedazzled resum?. this is jacqueline's resum?. what do you guys think?

>> beautiful.

>> i don't know where it ended up. you know what i mean ? it's kind of like a throw away sort of.

>> sounds like gimmicks don't always work is what you're saying.

>> no.

>> and adam , you say it's really important to focus on a cover letter .

>> yeah, that's my thing. when we have a job open, i pretty much don't get to the resum? if there's not a thoughtful resum? on top. it's about seeing if the candidate can connect their skills and it's that kind of critical thinking that's needed in any role.

>> you have to have the goods to back it up.