TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Author examines mother-daughter bond in new memoir

In “Glitter and Glue,” best-selling author Kelly Corrigan looks at her relationship with her own mother and how the bond is filled with both extreme love and complications.

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>>> the relationship between a daughter and mother is like no other. in her memoir "glitter and glue" beth examines her relationship with her daughter. good morning.

>> good morning to you.

>> i thought it might be about crafts.

>> i said this is going to be in the wrong section of the book stores. it's actually an expression from my mom "your father's the glitter, but i'm the glue."

>> describe your mom first.

>> my mom is old school, pragmatist, stoic. she takes her role as a mother very seriously, it's a job to be done with serious repercussions, whereas my dad is camp coach guy. and she's fierce live ly devoted. i don't think there's anybody on earth that cares about me and my family and my work and my marriage like she does. she carries me.

>> but even when you were young in your 20s, you didn't necessarily appreciate that about your mom.

>> i call her constantly and say i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry.

>> it's really about that transformation about your mom. you went to australia seeking adventure.

>> i got a little bit of that. turns out adventure is quite expensive. i needed a job.

>> i got a job as a nanny and got fired by the first family and then took a job with a guy who just lost his wife.

>> what did that experience teach you?

>> you know, it was so interesting because my mother, who i was really trying to get away from and live a different life from and be this odyssey, thrill seeker was on my mind constantly. the kids were super interested in her and she would write letters and they were dying to see what would a mother write to a child in a letter. they wand to see her picture, talk about her. for that reason and also because my life looked like hers had and that was really for the first time, she was constantly on my mind and was totally relying on all of her old tricks and her all standby lines that were rotating through my head like they do.

>> one thing that was so interesting about the book is suddenly through that experience, you saw some of the things that had happened through this new perspective. there was something you write about in the book where you had a shoplifting experience when you were a young teen-ager.

>> i think my kids are watching this.

>> that was in the book.

>> your mom did something pretty remarkable in the moment.

>> she did. i got caught shoplifting at sears instead of going to field hockey practice. she she said, i don't think i can tell your father, i don't think he can handle it. and she did a lot to keep that relationship really clean. that allowed him to be the glitter. if she's going to be the glue, that frees him up entirely.

>> what does mom think about the book?

>> she thinks it's the best one yet.

>> a good subject for sure.

>> kelly, thank you so much. again, the book is called "glitter and glue", appreciate it.

>> kelly wrote a special essay