TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Lauer goes fishing for his dinner in Sochi

Matt Lauer checks out some local delicacies and samples Caucasian cuisine, fishing for his own dish. 

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>> sick today. matt is high in the mountains in sochi. this is a question we really all want the answer to. how is the food?

>> okay. you know the food is pretty good. they've got great breakfast at the hotel and the rest of the food i've had so far has been pretty good. a lot of snack food at the moment. i've now been here just about a week and i've found one restaurant, guys, that you have to try. take a look. i have come to the traditional part here. you'll find a lot of brand new kru construction around the olympics but not here. this is authentic russia. this is food the locals swear by. you stop in the courtyard by this pool and you pick out the food you're going to eat. dmitri has given me a special honor of actually catching my fish. oh, he got out again! one more time. now that i've caught him, do you really think i could eat him? delicious! this is as good as it gets. traditional russian food . over here we have a cabbage dish, a kazian bread, there's beef and beans. you know what, you need something to wash it down. cheers.

>> it's good eating, guys.

>> how could you, matt? you know that whole fish's back story, you know his hopes and dreams and up just ate him?

>> that fish had no idea.

>> and it was a net. it wasn't nn a fieven a fishing pole . i think there was some cheating involved.

>> it wasn't all that fair.

>> you're taking us out for dinner, for a cabbage dish?

>> i am. you'll catch your own fish and then you'll