TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Beckham: Miami ‘ready’ for pro soccer

The soccer star chats with Matt Lauer about his latest venture launching a soccer team based in Miami.

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>> gathered here in sochi for the winter games . a lot of attention is being paid to another top athlete. david beckham has decided to exercise his option to start a major league soccer team in miami . i asked him how he thinks the transition will go from the pitch to the owner's box.

>> it's something i'm really looking forward to. it's a big challenge. i played in l.a. for six years and i always said that when i came to the u.s., i would always be committed to the mls and growing the sport in this country. this is the first step for that.

>> you are now buying the right to stand a brand new mls team. that franchise will be down there in miami . where will they play? what will you call them? what are the prospects?

>> in a couple of years, two to three years we'll hopefully have the stadium built. we're still trying to security the site we want, the land we want. until we do that, i'm working very closely with the mayor and commissioners in miami . once we have the land, once we start the build of the stadium, that's when we'll announce different things like the name and the future of what we want to build here.

>> i was reading an article, david, and it said when you decided to go and play for l.a. those years ago, that part of the deal that mls offered you to sweeten the deal was this opportunity to buy in and get a franchise from the league. was that part of the deal?

>> it was a very important part of the deal. i wanted to prove my commitment to the league and to the game. everyone knows how passionate i am for the game, i played 22 years and i have quite a lot of years in soccer. and i believe in the sport in this country. it's one. best and biggest countries in the world, one of the most passionate countries about sports. to bring soccer to a great city like this, a city that has so much diversity, that has so much passion, it's something that i'm really looking forward to.

>> you say you've got passion for it, it's a tough business, though. i look back and there was an mls team in my mi back about 10, 12 years ago. they had some attendance problems, and they had to fold in 2001 . do you think you have the star power , even from the sidelines to fill the seats down there?

>> the league, the people, are ready for this now. the city has been waiting for a soccer team for a number years. it's a shame the last team folded but the city is a lot more prepared for a self-contained now.

>> i get the feeling you're going to be a hands-on owner. that means you're going to spend a lot of time about that. how does your family feel about that?

>> they're very excited. they're asking what the kicks are going to be and who is going to play. victoria spends time in miami and i'll be very hands on. i believe that's what makes a successful owner. that's where i'll be.

>> i'm going to put it to our "today" show viewers and get them to send suggestions in on the name and we'll seasoned them your way.

>> please do. we need some help on that side. it's going to be a lot of fun.

>> "today" show viewers have responded "the heat," other response "the coconuts and " miami vice " and "the tropics." not bad.

>> and what's it like to