TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Cop: Fugitive mom’s eyes gave her away

An officer says it was Judy Lynn Hyman’s distinctive eyes that helped investigators catch the fugitive nearly 40 years after she escaped from prison. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> double life exposed. a 60-year-old mother of three is scheduled to peer in court after four decades after escaping from a detention center in michigan .

>> in this san diego apartment complex, a fugitive on the run for 37 years lived in plain sight.

>> you think you know your neighbors but you don't.

>> in 1976 , judy haimen was arrested in michigan for attempted larceny. she served nearly half her two-year sentence when authorities say she walked away from prison. but investigators never gave up the hunt.

>> our boss has a straight directive, bring me a body or a death certificate and then we can take it off the caseload.

>> she was wlliving in heyman and known as jamie lewis.

>> there was something very distinctive about her eyes.

>> reporter: when she was arrested, she was with one of her children. he knew nothing of her checkered past.

>> lauren know what is it like to live a double life . in 1976 , she also escaped from prison in michigan and started over in san diego . she, too, was captured over 30 years later, served her time and then returned to her family.

>> i think the crime is michigan taxpayers are having to foot the bill here.

>> reporter: authorities say no longer how long a fugitive is living a clean life, he or she still has to pay for their crime. set to be arraigned later today , mayman has given no comment, no life on the run exposed.

>> can you imagine the adult children who had no idea.