TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

Three plead not guilty in Hoffman investigation

Three individuals arrested on Tuesday night in connection with the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman are waking up in jail this morning. Their lawyers are arguing they’re being scapegoated for Hoffman’s death. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> we're following new developments tied to the tragic death of philip seymour hoffman . the lights the broadway were dimmed last night to honor the oscar winner , this after the arrest of three people.

>> they were indicted late last night. one for an entertainment to sell heroin charge, the other for possession. all three were set back to jail for another week. their lawyers are arguing they're being scapegoated for hoffman 's death.

>> 22-year-old juliannia, along with her boyfriend and their neighbor, robert vineberg were all remanded wednesday night and await arraignment later this month.

>> somewhat of a shocked situation.

>> he's upset, he's in jail.

>> she's stunned and shocked.

>> all three were arrested during a drug raid in connection to philip seymour hoffman 's death. vineberg was charged with felony possession of heroin with intent to sell. all three pleaded not guilty. police sources say they found nearly 300 envelopes of heroin in three apartments. 250 in vineberg's home alone. the musician's lawyer asked the court not to use his client as a scapegoat for hoffman 's death. according to sources, none of the heroin found in the raid had the same stamp or dealer logo as the drugs found in philip seymour hoffman 's apartment. however, authorities did remember cell phones and sources close to the investigation tell nbc news at least one of those phones had hoffman 's phone number . the news comes as broadway dimmed its lights to honor one of its own. later in the evening hundreds of fans mourned hoffman at a vigil.

>> savannah?

>> so many people mourning him.