TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

Quick! What is Al Roker’s signature phrase?

Which weather anchor delivered a knee to someone’s groin on air? What is Al Roker’s signature forecast phrase? To celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with NBC meteorologist Bill Karins, quiz viewers.

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oats. winesday wednesday. welcome to play our trivia game "who knew" in honor of our weather person's day. even though you might not be happy with ice and snow outside, you cannot blame them. it's not their fault. hoda is across the street ready to hand out $100 to those that get the questions right. those that do not, they're going to get a new copy of her paper back book.

>> hello bill karins.

>> so we ready to play?

>> we're ready hoda.

>> hi what's your name?

>> camile lloyd. all these people are on the plaza.

>> what is the difference between a hurricane and typhoon? a, location of the storm --

>> you already know?

>> is she right?

>> she is. we've got a ringer. it's all about the location.

>> so in asia they call them typhoons or that part of the world right?

>> right. atlantic hurricanes , indian ocean cyclones. we could have made it three choices trying to confuse her. we were nice.

>> all right hoda. here's a question. there's a little piece of tape. please listen up. which weather phrase am i known for around here.

>> which weather phrase am i known for around here? a, hotter than blazes. b, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. c, keep your weather eye open. or d, be sure to let sunshine in your world today. which is it?

>> he is so ridiculous. he's crazy. tell us your answer.

>> dan bell and it's b.

>> is he right?

>> yes.

>> not a good day for my book, dan.

>> a lot of people wonder why does al say that every single day five times a day? there's local tv stations. there's a person that has to press a button. if he don't know when it's coming, they don't push the button at the same time.

>> he always says it with joy.

>> not today. ready for the next one? all right. what's your name ma'am?

>> janet.

>> you been out in the snow all day?

>> i have been.

>> here's your question. please miss it. when is the last day of winter in 2014 ?

>> march 21st .

>> is she right?

>> no, you're supposed to go yea, i get the book.

>> i get the book!

>> good try hoda.

>> a lot of years it is march 21st . that sticks in our mind. this year it's march 19th . we get the spring solstice. our spring and winter is different. we have meteorological winter. december, january, february. i'm almost done. you have got to wait until the 19th.

>> we have a ways to go. i didn't understand a word he said.

>> never understand bill.

>> valluerie from texas.

>> a recent video of what weather channel meteorologist fending off an on air attack went viral?

>> c?

>> mike sidell. lucky girl you get a book.

>> sign it for her hoda.

>> just recently a college student went after jim cantori . without moving his upper torso he river boats him in the gut.

>> was the kid found?

>> jim said he wanted to teach everybody a lesson. he's in his office and doesn't want people to bother him. i think more might now.

>> thank you so much. hoda, i'm sorry you have to go through the rain out there. how's your hair?

>> i'm giving my book away