TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

KLG to Justin Bieber: Take time off, get help

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a new report alleging Justin Bieber was smoking pot and verbally abusive to a flight attendant while aboard a private aircraft last week. Kathie Lee recommends he seek help from a pastor the performer respects.

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>> hey everybody . it's a very wet, winesday wednesday february 5th . we made it hoda. how did we do it?

>> we did it make. i have to say this morning i woke up a little extra early and took blake out. for some reason i didn't think it was going to be snowing. that's the photo. he's covered. it was 3:30 in the morning. that was underneath the awning. he looked like a white dog . he was covered.

>> at least you can find him in the snow. i take bambino and it's over. you'll never find him. it's like camo.

>> i brought louis in this morning. he's like an ice belly, chunks hanging off his belly. why do we live here?

>> there are power outages all over. there's a salt shortage. everything is crashing down.

>> people are going to have to drink margaritas without salt.

>> look at this. we could point out, rockefeller center looks like it doesn't ever snow here because there's clean up. that shows how bad it is if they have snow on the streets. i think they catch the snowflakes as they're drifting down here so no one slips.

>> it's true. we are expecting --

>> wait until sunday.

>> could be a classic nor'easter with several feet of snow.

>> they kept saying three inches or three feet. who knows?

>> let's talk about bieber for just a minute.

>> oh lord.

>> we have new details. jeff broke the story this morning. we told you justin bieber was a board a private plane with friends and his dad coming in for the super bowl .

>> the law enforcement sources smelled what smelled like marijuana. of course some police reports, official reports , they said bieber and company was warned on the plane to stop smoking marijuana because the captain i'm sure was worried about getting high.

>> they had to allegedly wear oxygen masks .

>> imagine the pilot and co-pilot wearing oxygen masks because justin bieber and company refused to stop smoking weed.

>> they were harassing --

>> we don't know this to be true. the flight attendant told authorities justin and his father were extremely abusive verbally.

>> so much she had to go up to the front of the cabin to hang out with the pilots.

>> i guess she was on the gulf stream . she vowed she would never fly with them again, bieber , his dad and the rest of the group. who knows. it was a private plane . it's illegal to smoke pot on a plane i imagine, right?

>> you're asking me? that's funny.

>> i don't know. i'm afraid to take a tylenol sinus. i assume yes. it was coming from toronto. you've got the international situation going too. no drugs were found when they did search the plane. they should check the toilet probably. bieber has not been charged with anything from the incident. we did of course reach out to justin 's camp. they decline to comment. customs could search justin bieber every time he flies. customs has the right to check anyone with an ongoing conviction. he has two. he's 19 years old, on top of the world hoda.

>> it's one thing for him to keep doing stupid if this happened. it's another thing when your father is on board the plane. look, a 19-year-old, it's bad any way. you assume the grown up in the group would say at least for the safety of the people on the plane. the pilot is breathing this stuff in.

>> nobody is thinking. that's not the part of the brain that's working. the father, i wish he was traveling with patty his mom instead. when she was traveling with him, you didn't see this favor. there's also a pastor he has tremendous respect for. i won't say the pastor's name. he's a tremendous pastor that justin has respect for. he needs to go get on a plane with him. if he took a se bat kal and spent time with justin .

>> justin has two pending cases. he has not been convicted.

>>> red hot chili peppers were playing with bruno mars. fans noticed none of the guitars were plugged in while they were playing. they're just out there not plugged in. on monday, flea --

>> which is flea?

>> my entire life i've tried to avoid fleas.

>> flea tweeted. no trickery, no choice, but no tricky.

>> in other words we weren't trying to fool you. they told us we could use our own lyrics and stuff but --

>> vocals were live but not the other. there's a really good reason for that.

>> why?

>> first of all they have so little time to get the teams off to get everything ready, everything is timed to the nano second at these things. even if you want to -- i asked to sing live when i did the star spangled banner . they would not let you back then. they let renee the other day. that's new. the orchestra, no. my friend rob did the orchestration. they have things going on all over the place.

>> it's halftime. you have to mix and all kinds of things. there's so many other things in the world to be upset about. the fact they were singing live to a track, it doesn't matter.

>> someone tweeted funny. everyone loved the bruno mars concert. it said i watched the most spectacular bruno mars concert, and a football game broke out.

>> seattle fans are a little upset that seahawks are not getting the respect they deserve. you know what, i understand how they're feeling that way. i think that everybody whether a broncos fan or not, is saying they played an awesome awesome gape.

>> let's talk about richard sherman . he keeps talking. he's the guy at the end of the last game said something. this is what he said this time. he basically said the seahawks figured out manning's hand signals. and also i guess the audibles. he is saying we are smart football player, not just strong guys. we're reading the thing. we decoded and cracked the case. that was why they did so well against the broncos.

>> well, he was there, so you know i'm not going to say he's right or wrong. i know somebody that knows a little about football. frank gifford is on the line. i called him earlier. i said honey, come on with us and explain. is that possible sweetheart? first of all, good morning.

>> omaha , omaha , omaha .

>> what?

>> omaha . your husband is a funny man.

>> doing frank he did decode? did the defense read manning so well they cracked the case?

>> i'm not an expert on that for sure, but it sure looked like it didn't it?

>> that's not what you told me an hour ago.

>> what did he say to you?

>> they figured out when he was changing the plays behind the line of scrimmage, i think they knew what he was changing it too.

>> peyton calls his own plays pretty much?

>> pretty much, yeah. given certain situations you go into a game like the super bowl , you have a third and five. you have a situation where there's a third and long, third i and short, you can change it. you're strict to what you've been working on.

>> it's the third and short thing.

>> i want to know about the nickel.

>> and omaha .

>> nickel is defense. omaha , i don't know. unless running for mayor or something.

>> honey, isn't it true also that we heard from a friend andy that was there that seattle fans were so loud that peyton probably couldn't be heard by his own guys in some ways?

>> that can be a problem. it has been a problem to him in the past. let's face it. they'll be the first ones to tell you, they were outplayed. it was a great game. i don't think you can take away from them saying they tricked.

>> honey, that was inciteful.

>> thank you. kiss bambino for me.

>> if you can find him.

>>> vanity fair did something i guess daring for some of the actors.

>> you wonder why they agreed to it.

>> actors and actresses agreed to be inside the magazine. they had to do their own makeup. they could show up with one person.

>> no air brushes, no post air brush or anything. let's look at oprah.

>> does she have eye liner on? you're allowed a little.

>> scarlet looks like a teenager.

>> everyone looks younger.

>> there's shawn.

>> and kate winslet looks beautiful. gorgeous.

>> let's see brad.

>> that looks like the modelling lighting. that chanel commercial.

>> why do some of the most gorgeous people in the world go out of their way to look ordinary to you? maybe they're sick of being called the most gorgeous in the world. he's still great looking.

>>> facebook celebrates the ten year anniversary. i have been chatting on facebook all morning. everybody sends their love to you miss hoda.

>> was it fun chatting?

>> i enjoy it. nobody writes letters anymore. facebook and twitter are the way to stay in touch.

>> what did they want to know mainly?

>> about this. we're not going to tell them. it's a prop rarely touched. right guys? but they want to know how you stay so gorgeous? that's what they wanted to know. all right. if you want to know what we said, head to our facebook page and check it out.