TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

Step inside Patrick Dempsey’s fabulous mansion

Architectural Digest‘s Margaret Russell takes TODAY inside the latest pages of the magazine, in which the spectacular homes of Dempsey, Jane Fonda and John Mellencamp are featured.

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>>> we are back at 8:46 with an exclusive look inside the homes of patrick dempsey , jane fonda , and john mellencamp . the editor in chief of " architectural digest ." in the march celebrity homes issue on newsstands now. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> if only we were at patrick dempsey 's house in malibu right now. it looks gorgeous.

>> it is gorgeous. it's such a special house.

>> it's a frank gary designed house, right?

>> it is. he's one of the most -- the preeminent architects of our time. built it in the '60s as an artist studio, and the dempseys have turned it into a marvelous family home.

>> they have kids. what kind of changes and adjustments to make it look the way it looks right now?

>> well, the house is sort of a big, open loft. and the materials are really humble. it's reclaimed wood. what they really did to it was add on to the outside.

>> they've got this 5-acre land. what a beautiful garden.

>> beautiful garden, marvelous outside eating area and outdoor kitchen, a pizza oven. they have chickens, they have goats, they have donkeys. do i spot an airstream trailer?

>> and an airstream trailer, as well.

>> this is a ranch that kind of found jane fonda .

>> it did. she got a real estate brochure in the mail, and she was looking at a ranch that was 2,300 acres, river running through it, boarded by park, she said this is what i'm going to do.

>> she hand picked all the items in there. even a witch's bed. what does that mean?

>> mirrors at the foot and at the head and it's supposed to protect you.

>> oh, there's the witch's bed. and she's had some celebrity visitors. do they approve?

>> she told us that robert redford was there and he thought it was 100 years old. that's a good thing.

>> the highest compliment, right? has the feel of the antique look.

>> exactly.

>> john mellencamp , i've got to give a shout out because my friend monique gibson was the interior decorator here.

>> it is such a great place. it's on an island right near savannah. and he was inspired by a church in south carolina . and you can see the arches in the fireplace and the windows on the porch. this is very moody house, very minimalist. really, really beautiful.

>> it's a showstopper and you can only get there by boat?

>> yeah.

>> so you're not going to swing by unannounced, i guess.

>> no, i don't think so.

>> beautiful pictures, great story. thanks