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TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

US men’s hockey team has ‘ice on the prize’

After earning a silver medal in the Vancouver Games, the reenergized men join TODAY to talk about hitting the ice at the Games in Sochi, with their eyes on gold.

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>>> meanwhile, who do we have here? the u.s. hockey team members they're ready to play, all they've got to do now is get to sochi . a reenergized team, usa is looking to sochi with the eyes on the gold. guys, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> ryan , you're the veteran of the team. you came so close in vancouver. how do you like your chances this time around?

>> i like it. we have a lot of guys coming back from that silver medal team. and we were a little disappointed losing the way we did. but we have a good chance and excited to go to sochi and win gold.

>> and derrick, what's it like putting that usa jersey on and getting ready to head out?

>> it's a tremendous honor. super exciting. find myself pretty lucky to represent my country. and, you know, it's pretty cool to be able to do it with a couple teammates, as well.

>> and ryan m., ryan in the middle. you guys are teammates with the rangers. does that give you an advantage or a flow together?

>> i think it helps, the circumstances, going so far away from home. being able to relax with people you've been around for a while. and these two are forwards and play a little bit together. if they're on the ice together, that helps.

>> i love the understatement from the hockey players. i watch you guys, you bring it, and you're like, it's cool.

>> and how long do you get to practice as this olympic team before you're out there competing?

>> yeah. actually, we got three days of practices and we're thrown on the ice.

>> got it down.

>> learn as you go.

>> february 12th , is that right?

>> yes.

>> well, good luck to you.