TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

Rossen Reports: Justin Bieber abusive to plane crew

TODAY’s national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reveals exclusive details on what really went down on the pop star's private plane before the Super Bowl.

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>>> justin bieber 's private plane when it was searched days before the super bowl . jeff rossen is here with the details on that. jeff, good morning.

>> good morning. new trouble for the biebs. law enforcement sources tell nbc news, this wasn't just bratty behavior by a teenager. justin bieber was outright abusive to the crew. and his behavior could have been dangerous in the air. sources say the pilots even had to use emergency equipment just to keep the flight safe. for the first time, exclusive new details from inside justin bieber 's private jet . when federal agents boarded and searched his luxury g4 in new jersey last friday, law enforcement sources tell nbc news, there was still a strong odor of marijuana and smoke in the air. pot smoke so thick, during the flight , sources say, the pilots had to put on oxygen masks so they wouldn't get high.

>> the pilots fears for the safety of the airplane and the passengers because of the influence of this drug affecting their performance.

>> but bieber wouldn't stop. according to the official police report obtained exclusive by nbc news, the captain warned the passengers, including bieber , on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana and stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant. that flight attendant telling authorities, the pop superstar and his father jeremy bieber were extremely abusive verbally. shep e she ended up taking refuge near the cockpit to avoid the biebers and avoiding further abuse.

>> the pilots would've landed that airplane immediately and arrests would have been made.

>> justin bieber admitted to officers he was smoking pot and drinking. but was let go when no additional drugs were found. he's been dealing with police all over north america . in toronto last week, he surrendered on charges of criminal assault. his attorney says he's innocent. just a week before --

>> total bond would be $2,500.

>> he faced a judge in miami, arrested for misdemeanor dui, resisting arrest , and driving with an expired license. bieber 's pled not guilty. hollywood insiders worry justin bieber is spiralling out of control.

>> he needs an intervention. he needs to separate himself, quite frankly, from his enabling parents. what a horrible example for all of his fans.

>> important to note here, bieber has not been charged with anything from that flight . the crew decided not to press charges, but according to the official report, while the abuse wasn't physical or sexual, that flight attendant said she refuses to work another flight with bieber or his father. late last night, we reached out to bieber 's camp. they declined to comment. but a friend of the star told me they are hoping these public incidents will make him realize he needs to wake up, savannah.

>> kind of unbelievable. thank you,