TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

Sick of this winter weather already?!

Share your winter woes by tweeting us with the hashtag #enoughalready. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> let's check in with tamron. what everyone's talking about in the orange room .

>> let's guess.

>> i tweeted about it.

>> i tweeted about it, as well. i think we've reached the point where we're not complaining anymore. for those of you who say it's complaining, come on now, we're just sick of it. enough already, in fact, that's our hashtag. #enoughalready. it was the coldest january in 20 years in minnesota. wichita just broke a 117-year-old daily record with 7 inches of snow. so as you see there, enough already. and natalie, savannah, al, further proof we've had enough already. this is something you'll never see on television in your life. i always wear high heels . do you know how hard it is to find snow boots with a heel? because this is what i came in with these. 5 inches. we got cute pictures from cuties. this is enough already, #enoughalready. let us know what you think.

>> i think your boots are adorable. and if you have cute boots like that, buy two pairs.

>> i'm going on ebay right now.