TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Anti-agers that won’t break the bank

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a dermatologist, joins TODAY to share the hottest anti-aging products, including RoC’s sensitive night cream and Neutrogena’s deep-wrinkle night moisturizer.

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>>> to spend a fortune on drugstore creams and cleansers we're not sure work.

>> well, here to help us look for what we need in antiaging based on your skin type is dr. elizabeth tandy. you say when it comes to you skin, the best offense is a good defense. what should we avoid? what are the two things to avoid?

>> before talking about the nighttime treatments, you have to avoid the biggest culprits in aging skin which is sun and smoking. so for sun, there's a tremendous amount of damage, you want to wear spf-30 every day. and if you're going to be out more than five or ten minutes directly, pair that with a hat. plus, smoking does a lot of damage to the skin, not only the skin, but also you want to stop smoking immediately for -- to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke.

>> let's talk about antiaging programs you have. and what are some things you should be doing in your health regimen?

>> well, in general, there are a lot of great inexpensive products you can get over the counter . but it can be a little overwhelming when you see all the different products there. so we're going to try to break it down to skin type . so in addition to that sunscreen in the morning, you want a nighttime routine. so different skin types want to look for different ingredients.

>> ingredients.

>> oily skin , for example.

>> oily skin and acne prone skin, look for retinol in your product as well as glycolic acid . helps simulate collagen for rejuvenation purposes. but then it's used to keep the pores open. if you have the two problems, which is not unusual, this is something to look for, the combination of the two. the retinol and the glycolic.

>> what about dry skin ?

>> dry skin , the skin is deplete depleted of the natural moisture levels, which makes it more vulnerable to irritation. look for products that had essential oils and shea butter . and then instead of the retinol, which can be irritating, look for a product -- an ingredient called peptides. a gentler way to stimulate collagen.

>> you see these really expensive ones, you know, like at the department stores . the stuff you get at the drugstore just as good?

>> it's good, but you have to know what you're looking for. you want to look for -- for dry skin , the oils plus the peptides.

>> read labels for food, you want to do it for products.

>> absolutely.

>> because you can really find some great products even at the drugstore. now, for sensitive skin , you can use retinol. but you want to look for a combination product with something. people get worried about hearing acid with skin. it's not an acid, it's a hydrating gel that helps soothe the skin. and when you pair it with retinol, even patients with sensitive -- even people with sensitive skin can use that.

>> yeah. i think i use that one right there.

>> natalie's husband falls into this category. men are using this stuff.

>> who like to buy product.

>> right.

>> nothing wrong with that.

>> i didn't say that.

>> men's skin care is the fastest growing segment of skin care market. and -- men are starting to feel more comfortable with taking care of their skin and looking good. and the good news is men's skin is actually less sensitive than women. they can really use high concentration of that retinol. and they can use it every night and give their skin a nice, healthy glow.

>> my product.

>> no, not that. the other stuff. okay. moving on here now to some of the more clinical stuff. and i guess since you're the person who likes to splurge on facials, you can get that at home, a little bit more of a splurge, but less expensive than being at the dermatologist.

>> right. so if you want to take your skin care up a notch at home, invest in one of these at home devices. something like the sonic brush can help clean the skin so well that it enhances the penetration of all your skin care .

>> right.

>> you actually get more out of your skin care . we spend millions of dollars on skin care every year.

>> like sanding a table to get the stain off.

>> to get your money's worth of everything else.

>> what is this device?

>> this is a personal microderm abrasion device. you exfoliate all that skin.

>> thank you so much. we've got to go, unfortunately. my producer's going to go out.

>> who do you have coming up?

>> oh, love her.

>> so great.

>> love her.

>> she's also going to sing.

>> a little something.

>> and life-saving seconds, we can determine a life. and lots of stuff.