TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

10-year-old boy running charity for homeless

TODAY’s special series “Hope to It” spotlights Jonas Corona, 10, who is on a mission to give back to his community.  Four years ago, he started an L.A.-based nonprofit organization called Love in the Mirror. “It’s not right for kids and adults to be on the streets having nothing,” Jonas tells TODAY.

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>>> and back now with our special series and a young boy whose commitment to help others is beyond his years.

>> he's 10 years old, but it was a visit to one of los angeles ' poorest areas when he was just a preschooler that changed his life. meet jonas corona.

>> i have a nonprofit organization called love in the mirror. i help homeless and disadvantaged youth.

>> his passion for giving back started when he went with his family to feed the homeless in los angeles ' notorious skid row at the age of 4. but he wanted to get more involved.

>> i saw a homeless kid, and it just really made me feel really sad. my mom contacted shelters and missions, and they all said no, i couldn't volunteer because i had to be 10 and i was only 6 at the time.

>> he wanted to do more and did not understand the concept of going once a month. we wanted to know why we weren't there every day.

>> at the ripe old age of 6, jonas decided to form his own charity dedicated to helping kids who are less fortunate. today, jonas and other young volunteers are sorting through supplies, donated to love in the mirror by companies and individual supporters.

>> i think when there's poor people , it's sad because they're just living on the street. i want to make a difference and help them.

>> what do we have?

>> these supplies are being donated to a youth shelter, a temporary residence for teens in crisis. robin sinclair is the executive director.

>> well, this is fantastic. we're very fortunate. if it wasn't for people like you, i mean, we wouldn't be able to help the kids we help.

>> he found out about us, and then is doing the footwork. and you can tell he's not doing it for any other reason but just to be a good kid and help others.

>> a good kid, wise beyond his years.

>> it's not right for kids and adults to be on the streets having nothing. everybody should have a home. everybody should have a place to eat or live. everyone should have something.

>> boy, his parents have done something right to inspire a young man to do something like that.

>> little kid with a big heart. yeah.

>> you want to learn more about jonas and love in the mirror, head to