TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Which is the best day to have a date night?

In a new TODAY series, experts reveal the ideal times for everything – including date night. It turns out the best night to go out is Thursday, when couples feel energized for the weekend and have gotten most chores and busywork done. (Steer clear of Monday, when we’re catching up on work we didn’t do over the weekend.)

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>> well, when it comes to taking care of your money, health and relationship, there are certain days of the week that are better than others. back with us this morning once again, day two, we have dr. evelyn manaia, and relationship expert ian kerner . good morning all.

>> good morning.

>> the best days of the week. we talked about best time to schedule a doctor's appointment. let's talk about best day to schedule the doctor appointment. what should you aim for?

>> you should try to aim for monday or tuesday, especially if you're concerned of anything. and only because if you are, cultures and bloodwork and whatnot will come before friday. that way you have clear for friday, for the weekend. however, if you pick friday, which is really the worst time, you know, especially if it's a long weekend, you're going to be short staffed on the labs and things like that. you're going to be worried about concerns you might have and not on time.

>> friday is the not good day to schedule an appointment for.

>> you decide you want to go out to eat with the family. best day.

>> best day is wednesday. you tend not to overindulge. you have to go to bed early because you have to work the next day, school the next day and things like that. i think that's really the best time to do it.

>> worst day of the week to go out with the family?

>> i think it's saturday, even though i know it's date night. i really do. i look forward to it, trust me, i know these things. however, especially if you pick -- pick one, friday or saturday, have one day that you cook at home. and then if you're going to do on saturday night, you tend to do later and then you interrupt your sleep.

>> overindulge.

>> and overindulge and drink because you don't have to get up on sunday for anything.

>> that's it.

>> okay.

>> i'm working on building the muscle strength in the arm.

>> okay. tmi. as far as getting the new tv or laptop, what's the best day?

>> after you get your good news from your doctor, you head over to the store on monday, because that is when manufacturers start implementing those rebates and the discount on the prices. the customer could save up to $10 to $50 and the prices will be online as they are in the stores, as well.

>> worst day of the week to purchase electronics both online and at the store.

>> that would be friday. stores know there's going to be a lot more traffic in the stores. they're going to up those prices. a study was done on laptops and computers. retailers increased the prices from $10 to $50.

>> wow.

>> let's say you have problems with that new tv. best day to call for customer service .

>> the best day is on wednesday. and part of the reason why is because customer service is going to experience the lull in the middle of the week. they're not overwhelmed with calls, they're going to want to focus on you and your problem. and let's face it, the real issue calling customer service is, one, you want your problem fixed, and two, you don't want to stay on the phone with them forever. that's the best day to get your problem fixed and out of there.

>> worst day of the week to call in customer service .

>> monday. you're not the only one that's going to call customer service on the first thing on their to do list. you don't want to join the masses. again, make sure you get off the phone quickly, don't call on monday.

>> date night, best night.

>> i'm going to be a little counterintuitive and say thursday night. i know people want friday nights or saturday nights, but what i've noticed, you want the family time, you want the kid time. don't want to feel guilty. you want it all. so thursday night is a great night to go out after work, have a nice dinner, you can still get home relatively early and kind of bolster yourself for the weekend ahead.

>> i agree with that. friday, you're pooped.

>> and date nights are certainly important.

>> we probably should've done this one first. what's the best day to pick a fight with your spouse?

>> well --

>> no day is good day to pick a fight.

>> no day is good. but if you are going to fight, remember, you always want to be more positive than negative even when you argue. that's the difference between couples who succeed and fail. i'm going to go out and say tuesday is the best day to start arguing because monday, you really need to transition back into work. don't you have enough fights to pick on monday at work with your boss we mails?

>> tonight we've got to go home and start picking a fight.

>> save it for tuesday.

>> i'll go home to joe, pick a fight with him, you go home to debra, pick a fight with her.

>> worst day of the week to pick a fight?

>> mondays are terrible for anything. and even sundays when you have potentially family and kids around and it's a little claustrophobic and you're smothered by people.

>> or even fridays, you're stuck with that person all weekend