TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Warm up with short-rib lasagna rolls

Chef and TODAY contributor Giada De Laurentiis demonstrates how to reinvent a traditional lasagna dish using braised ribs, cheese, spinach, basil, garlic and rolled noodles.

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>> we are back at 8:42. this morning on "today's kitchen," we are cooking with giada delarentas.

>> making sure it's not burnt. this is the roux we're making here.

>> we're not.

>> believe it or not, this is just --

>> i thought --

>> what's the first lasagna ?

>> short rib lasagna . i'm going to need you to help me. savannah said she might actually taste the short rib itself.

>> i would. i don't want to ruin the recipe.

>> you're not going to ruin anything.

>> she dared me to take a bite.

>> go ahead.

>> it's cold.

>> no.

>> that's a short rib.

>> okay.

>> you season them, brown them in a pan, take them out.

>> yeah.

>> yeah.

>> that's not very enthusiastic. and vegetables and red wine . and at this point --

>> shred.

>> yeah, right.

>> they should just pull apart. and you now you can feed a cold piece to savannah.

>> this is going to take a while.

>> you know what the thing is about short ribs is that you can make it and it actually gets better the next day and the day after that.

>> nice. nice.

>> so now we've got milk and cream in here, not very much, and all we're going to do is, ladies, go ahead.

>> okay.

>> oh, sure.

>> get busy.

>> this is spinach.

>> frozen spinach, i thawed it out. frozen.

>> what's next?

>> basil. i took the water out of the spinach. that's it. all in there.

>> okay.

>> stir it up?

>> stir it, cheese, ladies.

>> what kind of cheese?

>> mozzarella. dump it in there. now, the cheese should melt.

>> eventually.

>> and then we add the --

>> the meat in there. that's our filling.

>> yep.

>> mix it all together. it's not terribly like thick and creamy. mix it all together. tamron, savannah and al, come on down here. i want each one of you to get one piece of lasagna . this is regular lasagna , you boil it and cool it. when i cook sheets, a little bit of oil, so they don't stick together and make sure there's enough room. spoonful into each one of these.

>> okay.

>> go ahead.

>> roker.

>> each one of you can do this.

>> what do we do?

>> spread it.

>> you need more?

>> just like that. perfect. then you take it, so everybody can see and roll it. roll it just like that. like a jelly roll and land it on top of the tomato sauce.

>> can you drizzle it over it?

>> then you take the rest, dump the rest on top.

>> can we put our names on each of ours?

>> then you put parmesan cheese , olive oil and put it in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes just like this.

>> the portions are already done for you.

>> yeah.

>> brilliant.

>> good for kids that size, as well.

>> look.

>> and you've got that frozen -- fried one.

>> yeah, i took a frozen lasagna and deconstruct it for you.

>> they're into it. it's hot. makes up for the short rib.

>> you didn't want it to be cold. but you don't like the lasagna hot.

>> it's really hot.

>> if you want to spit it out, you can.

>> this is fantastic television.

>> sir, get to work. pay attention.

>> this is a roux. this is a gluten free veggie lasagna .

>> okay.

>> i take brown rice lasagna noodles i've boiled. you okay? all right. i take them, boil them, make sure you dry them really well and then put them in a --

>> well, if there's water on the lasagna sheets, it'll splatter. to wipe it down. 375.

>> we're running out of time .

>> take a lasagna sheet --

>> sorry, al.

>> just take a bunch of vegetables, it can be any vegetab veggies you want, grilled or sauteed. another layer of this.

>> perfect.

>> dump them on top. sorry, ladies.

>> we got this.

>> and looks something like this.

>> and look at that.

>> is that not gorgeous? and it's gluten free and super yum.

>> thank you.