TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Andy Samberg: Fallon will ‘kill it’ on ‘Tonight Show’

The comedian sat down with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie to chat about his big Golden Globe win, and expressed his confidence in fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum Jimmy Fallon taking over Jay Leno’s late-night spot: “Jimmy doesn’t need my advice. He’s going to kill it,” he says.

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>>> well, for seven seasons, andy samberg cracked us up on "saturday night live" with his impressions, characters, and those hilarious digital shorts . and now he can call himself a golden globe winner, picking up the golden globe for his work on "brooklyn 99."

>> you've asked for me to refer to you only as golden globe winner andy samberg .

>> yeah.

>> would you like more stuffing?

>> yeah, dinner's ready, golden globe winner andy samberg . thank you for saying it properly.

>> i love the moment when you won. first of all, your pal seth meyers seemed over the moon . but you seemed genuinely surprised.

>> i would say it's about as shocked as i've ever been about anything ever.

>> why, though?

>> our show is so new. the word acting is involved in the award. all of the above. we were just surprised and happy to be nominated for anything. and, you know, we were up against some pretty power house shows and incredibly actors in my category. i was not expecting it.

>> for a lot of people, this is a great introduction to the show. tell us about your character. he's kind of a know-it-all hot shot detective.

>> really good at the job, but he's maybe a little immature, thus my casting.

>> such a stretch.

>> the only thing we were worried about when we started the show was would people actually believe i could be a detective. so far, i think we're just scraping by in that department.

>> more than scraping by. you've got the golden globe to prove it. there's a second reference i promised you. you were shown after the super bowl --

>> yep.

>> and by the way, one of the most watched super bowls ever. no pressure to hold those viewers.

>> can you imagine how many people it would have been if it'd been a good game?

>> you went, right?

>> i was there through like the third quarter, yeah. and then it was like, oh, this is over.

>> and you're a 49ers fan.

>> i am.

>> what was it like to see the seahawks devastate the broncos?

>> it was not fun for me. best to the seahawks and everyone in seattle. they're a great team.

>> you are a good actor. i really believed you.

>> yeah. i love peyton manning , too. he hosted when i was at "snl." i was hoping he could get another super bowl . but the seahawks , they're a nasty team. they deserved it.

>> they were tough.

>> yeah.

>> digital shorts are kind of how you made your name. they're amazing. i think my favorite is blank in a box.

>> blank in a box.

>> are you going to continue to do this? what with your acting career and everything?

>> i certainly hope so. me and my two buddies, we're the lonely island , we've made three albums so far. i don't think there's any plan to stop. it'll just be finding the time.

>> you did yolo last year, you had adam levine .

>> kendrick lamar. any musical acts you're dying to work with?

>> we've been dying to get bill clinton on sax. we've been saying that for a while now.

>> have you put the request in?

>> how do you do that, though?

>> you have a platform now.

>> you have the ether. what's up, ether, i'm going to inject that idea to you and see what comes back.

>> maybe you'll get a call.

>> that would be the best cold call ever.

>> and finally, jimmy fallon , as i understand it, is the person that introduced you way back when to lorne michaels .

>> yeah.

>> any advice for him as he sets out for the " tonight show "?

>> jimmy doesn't need my advice, man. he's going to kill it. it seems to be the story that's going on right now. everyone's pumped to see jimmy take over. and also, my buddy seth, it's going to be cool and exciting.

>> by the way, i heard you do a wicked impression of jimmy.

>> you heard that?

>> yes.

>> it's very excitable.

>> i'm so excited right now. did you hear that? i'm so excited. that's pretty much it.

>> golden globe winner andy samberg , hold your applause.

>> please.

>> thank you so much.