Olivia Newton John Opens Cancer & Wellness Centre At Austin Hosptial
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TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Olivia Newton-John: I’m coming to Vegas!

The singer, songwriter and actress tells TODAY that she is taking up residency in Las Vegas at the Flamingo hotel to perform a medley of her greatest hits as a “journey through my life.”

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>> well, are you guys ready for some summer loving ?

>> what are you talking about?

>> well, brace yourself , it's the good kind of loving, because we are unveiling something exciting. big news involving olivia newton john .

>> and guess who happens to be on the phone right now, the legend herself. good morning to you. and we're going to try not to sing. but it's very tempting because we love you. tell us what's going on. what's your big announcement?

>> oh, i'm really, really excited. i'm going to be doing my first las vegas residency at the flamingo hotel .

>> wow.

>> starting in april. i'm really excited and i'm going to be in donny and marie 's showroom. a lovely old-style showroom. and, yeah, i'm really excited.

>> how many shows will you do? you'll be there every night and people can come to vegas and see you?

>> no, not every night. but various weeks throughout the year starting on april the 8th.

>> oh.

>> yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun. and i'm really excited because the flamingo has generously offered to give a portion of every ticket sold to my cancer wellness center.

>> good cause. olivia , as you know, last time you were here, i'm a huge olivia fan, and i've got to ask you -- i'm a big fan of yours. what can we expect to see from the "summer nights" show?

>> well, i'll be taking a musical journey through my life through music through my career. i'll do my songs with "grease" and "xanadu" and some of my new healing music and some of my favorite oldies. it's a journey through my life.

>> wow. well, we're so excited.

>> olivia , we are hopelessly devoted to you. so thank you and good luck.

>> you are the one that we want.

>> we'd love to come to see you. thank you.

>> thank you so much. bye, guys.

>> and that is "what's trending"