TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Don’t ask your server what they like – here’s why

If you don’t want to be upsold or served the oldest piece of meat in the restaurant, you may not want to ask what your server likes best on the menu.

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>> on, when you guys go out to a restaurant, do you like to ask the waiter for a recommendation?

>> i do all the time.

>> but turns out a new blog post writer says stop asking because it's pointless. julia bainbridge says while your server may love the roast chicken, there's no guarantee you will. you don't have the same taste buds.

>> turns out some restaurant asks staffers to push certain dishes. while the veal chop might not be the tastiest thing on the menu. most of you do ask for help.

>> sometimes you can get a very telling reaction, though. if you say how's the chicken and they go -- it's good.

>> i like the honest answer. i like the honest waiters.