TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

South Koreans drink four times as much as Americans

The people of South Korea drink more on average than any other country in the world: nearly 14 shots of liquor per person each week. That’s a much higher average than Americans, who barely drink more than 3 shots a week.

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>>> anyway, while americans tend to have a forgiving nature, in russia they have a reputation, it's just a reputation, it could be stereotypical for being hard drinkers. well, is it true? a recent study conducted by euro monitor says when it comes down to the people who around the world who consume the most alcohol per week, the russians are not in first place. as a matter of fact, they're second. you know who finished first? south koreans consuming nearly 14 shots of alcohol per week. russia number two. in one week. but the russians aren't even close. they consume a little over six shots a week. the americans, we're down in tenth place, i think we have something like four shots a week. now, that is only if you factor out kathie lee and hoda. if you put them back in, we give the south koreans a run for their money.

>> i was going to say, obviously wine is not being counted or it would be up there.

>> way up there.

>> i think that counts, doesn't